People Counting Camera Sensor

- Jul 22, 2020-

Camera Sensor for People Counting

The working principle of video visitor counter is to identify people traffic passing through the detection area of the people counting camera.

Different from the ordinary CCTV surveillance camera, the visitor people counter is specialized in counting the pedestrian traffic, which can count the large-scale crowd and the location of the hot area actively, so as to obtain the accurate pedestrian traffic.

People counting camera

Where can I use a people counting camera?

Camera sensors can be used almost anywhere.

Traditionally, they are best used on bricks and mortar and placed near storefronts and doors to track the flow of pedestrians in and out.

Benefits of people counting camera sensors

When tracking visitor traffic, you need a solution that is as accurate as possible, and accuracy is probably the biggest advantage of people counting camera sensors.

In addition, people counting camera sensors let you know who your customers are, their gender and age, and how people interact with your space.

The shortage of people counting camera

The installation and construction of any cctv camera is relatively professional, which requires power wiring and professional personnel. It is also important to consider the location and number of people counting cameras. In many cases, multiple cameras are needed to track the pedestrian flow in the whole space.