People Counter Solution for Food Catering

- Dec 25, 2017-

The competition in the catering industry is increasingly fierce, especially the emergence and vigorous development of the independent restaurant industry, which makes many catering enterprises face enormous pressure in management. The biggest pressure faced by the catering managers is nothing more than the cost control and the tourist market. In order to effectively control and grasp the restaurant income, cost, source of tourists and guests' opinions, catering enterprises should conduct a scientific analysis of their business activities.

Why does the catering industry need to count and analyze the passenger flow? The catering industry is the food that people live in "food, clothing and shelter". The traffic volume is an important factor for the successful operation of the catering industry. Meanwhile, the traffic volume is the currency carrier of the restaurant. Therefore, if the restaurant wants to reduce operation cost, grasp the passenger flow and increase the revenue of the store, it needs to start from the basic source, and analyze and calculate the traffic volume by digital operation.

Statistical analysis system of catering passenger flow

2. scheme design

This scheme is designed according to the relevant characteristics of catering industry, the introduction of traffic statistics, traffic analysis zone face recognition and artificial intelligence, data analysis, image recognition technology of multi field, achieve food store traffic statistics, traffic analysis, customer identification, traffic density detection and other functions, also supports open access ERP\CRM\POS system data truly, the catering industry data loop, digital power catering operations, the development of fine marketing and service differentiation.

3. passenger flow statistical system function

1) through the supporting professional passenger flow analysis system, the passenger flow statistics data are analyzed and charts generated, and the passenger flow data of different time dimensions including time, day, week, month and year are set up according to the set up conditions.

2) set up the carrying capacity of the authorized passenger flow, when the number and density of the passenger flow reach the set threshold of 80% to the early warning function, the alarm notification is reached when >95% is reached.

3) the realization of customer identity self recognition, let the customer experience brush face pay for pleasure, reduce the VIP membership, VIP customer pay credit card time, do pay real fast;

4) analysis of traffic properties, through self identification of traffic attributes, traffic statistics, the proportion of men and women age and the proportion of regular customers accounted for;

5) open up the POS system, connect the traffic data and sales data seamlessly, and calculate the customer price, passenger flow rate and per capita consumption data, so as to realize the management and analysis of the big data.

6) accurate portrait of the customer, the market survey to help enterprises reduce cost, accurately find customer groups, such as a customer, 20~29 years old, female, love to eat Hunan, a month ago to eat a few food stores;

7) meticulous marketing, statistics to store customers' gender, age and consumer preferences, through the production of single poster, social media publicity and leaflet interception means, to enhance the shop traffic.

8) differentiated services, such as shop more than 70% customer groups are young people between 20~30, so they may eat spicy food in addition to love, love can also play the glory of the king, then shop by organizing activities to promote the related characteristics of passenger flow for the two time consumption, improve the turnover of shops.

The statistical analysis system of restaurant passenger flow can help catering managers to solve the dynamic changes of different customers and the mining of consumption potential, so as to facilitate operators to take different marketing strategies for different customers. For example, the marketing strategy for different customers, the Countermeasures for different customers, and the personalized service for different customers.