Passenger flow in the mall

- Nov 12, 2018-

Passenger flow in the mall

Passenger traffic is indispensable for management and decision-making in public places such as shopping malls, large shopping malls, chain stores, airports, and exhibition halls. It is a very basic indicator for the retail industry. Because of its direct direct relationship with sales, people have been paying attention to this data for a long time. (people counter and passenger counter)

> Statistics on the number and direction of passenger flow can be used to understand the reasonableness of the entrance and exit settings;

>Statistical passenger flow status on the main floor, analyze the rate of climbing stairs and adjust the brand and category combination of the mall reasonably;

>Statistics of the attraction rate and busyness of each region, and analysis of changes in the internal movement of the mall;

>Assess and optimize the effectiveness of marketing and investment; (people counter and passenger counter)

>According to changes in passenger flow, more effective distribution of shopping guides, property management, and mall service personnel; optimizing the number and arrangement of staff to achieve customer satisfaction and best cost; (people counter and passenger counter)

> Improve the quality of service in the mall through the conversion rate of passengers; (people counter and passenger counter)

> Provide the store with a pre-alarm mechanism for declining traffic, so as to take effective measures such as marketing investment, environmental improvement, and adjustment of tenant mix; (people counter and passenger counter)

> objectively determine the level of rent; (people counter and passenger counter)

> Increase the income of operating assets (advertising spaces, venues, etc.), etc.; (people counter and passenger counter)