The importance of passenger flow

- Nov 07, 2018-

The most basic data is passenger traffic, and then the turnover. What do you want to know about the so-called passenger traffic? There are several main entrances and exits in your mall. Which has the most passenger traffic? There are several floors (passenger counter, bus people counter). What is the traffic volume at each floor? How many passengers are there in the square outside the mall (passenger counter, bus people counter)? How many passenger traffic has entered the mall? Next to the wine

How much traffic can the building, McDonald's and KFC bring to the mall? What is the daily turnover of the mall? What is the turnover of each floor? What is the proportion of total turnover? What is the sales per square meter (passenger counter, bus people counter)? Proportion

how many? How much volume is there every day? How many of the volume is VIP counter (bus people counter)? What is the average customer price of VIP? What is the proportion of VIP in all trading volume? VIP accounted for the total passenger traffic

How many? What is the average turnover per transaction? What is the sales of those products? What is the total ratio? What is the stock quantity? What are the most stocked products in stock? What is the percentage of total inventory (passenger counter, bus people counter)? daily

What is the turnover rate? How much traffic, sales, and sales are planned to increase an event? What is the increase in the rent of the shop? How much is the cost of the promotion? Wait for some columns of data to be needed

What a manager knows is that only by knowing the data can you know the operation of the mall. How do you get to know the data? The daily sales of the mall and the best-selling data of those products can be learned from the POS. How many members can also use CRM to understand the inventory. The inventory can also be learned through ERP. These data are all in a mall. The amount of data. These systems can be easily learned. The key to these data is passenger flow, which is one of the most basic conditions for a store to generate turnover. There is no turnover in the absence of a passenger mall. But how do you count it? Most of the country now

The malls are all manually counted during peak hours, and the resulting data is significantly different from the actual data. Besides, the management of the general retail industry in China does not know much about the total number of passengers. It is considered to be dispensable. Statistics on passenger traffic in the foreign retail industry have long listed this data as an indispensable data for daily management. Because through the statistics of daily traffic, combined with the existing P

The combination of OS, ERP, and CRM data can be used to derive the daily business status of the store. Understand the turnover rate of each day. How to increase the turnover rate and increase sales. Sales = Passenger Flow * Passenger Order Conversion Rate * Average Customer Price. (passenger counter,bus people counter)

Passenger traffic statistics has been used as an important commercial market research tool to provide accurate and timely data reference for operational decision-making and integrated management of large-scale commercial systems, to stabilize the market and enhance the popularity of shopping malls.

Effective analysis of statistics and mining, providing data support for scientific decision-making, improving the level of integrated management operations, and laying a solid foundation for development. (passenger counter,bus people counter)

Here I also tell a little story. In the mall without statistics on traffic, I can only rely on the data in the POS to analyze the business situation every day. It’s like you are blindfolded to eat cakes, only you are eating.

The small part of the digging with a spoon, you don't know where the whole cake is? But you know that there is a cake in front, how big the cake is, and in which direction you can't know because your eyes are covered. After statistics on passenger flow

Just like you suddenly took off the piece of cloth that covered your eyes, and saw that the cake was in front of me, and the cake was so huge, and before you got rid of the cloth, you just ate a little bit with a spoon and thought it was eating. a lot of very satisfied

Now, let's know the huge direction of the cake through the statistics of the passenger flow. At this time, you can

Spoon in your hand to choose more cakes. The statistics of passenger traffic are like the ones that cover your eyes. You can't see anything before you count it. The rational use of this data after statistics is like pulling the cloth out at once, letting you know how big the market you are facing, and your market share is only a small one.

Minute. The technology that is engaged in passenger flow statistics on the market is now the most advanced in video technology (passenger counter, bus people counter).

Retail managers are indispensable to analyze business status data (passenger counter, bus people counter)

As the most advanced mode of the retail industry, the shopping center integrates shopping, entertainment, leisure and catering to meet the diverse needs of different consumer groups. Facing customers through a unified image, unified service, unified promotion and unified activities, shopping centers are different from department stores, supermarkets, and convenience stores in terms of consumer service functions, development planning, and operation methods. One or a certain type of goods, but an excellent service and management, which is the root cause of the management of shopping centers is more complicated and more humane than other retail formats. (passenger counter,bus people counter)