Passenger Flow Statistic for Public Buildings Solution

- Mar 28, 2018-

Background Analysis 

In the modern society, the competition among retail companies such as shopping malls and chain stores has intensified, and the core of retail enterprise competition is passenger flow, and the purchase conversion rate of passenger flow. How to carry out real-time and dynamic monitoring and statistics on the passenger flow in the mall, analyze the data, and output various analysis results according to the actual business conditions of the company, which provides a reference basis for the company's business decision-making, and has become a growing concern for many retail companies. At the same time, with the development of economy and society, the retail business model has evolved over the years and has changed from traditional passive marketing, extensive marketing to active marketing, and accurate marketing. Daily passenger flow law analysis is increasingly valued at the enterprise management decision-making level. 


At present, many companies use the RFID passenger flow counter to count passenger flow, and some exhibition venues, stations and other places use manual ticket checking or three-roll gates to conduct passenger flow statistics. These methods have high accuracy on the one hand and statistical errors on the other. On the one hand, long-term data statistics cannot be used to analyze the regularity of passenger flow changes and conduct more in-depth research and application of passenger flow data. This cannot meet the more demand for modern passenger flow statistics. Nowadays, the use of advanced video surveillance technology for passenger flow statistical analysis has been very common in developed countries such as Europe and the United States. 

In recent years, developed regions such as Singapore, Japan, and Hong Kong have gradually adopted a large number of video passenger flow analysis systems. There are also many domestic business management companies. The people began to accept and adopt the video traffic statistics system. Video statistics technology is rapidly and widely used in the field of passenger flow statistics because of its superior performance, accurate statistical results, simple installation and implementation methods, and low cost. 

 Intelligent Video Passenger Counting and  Statistics System 

The video people counting statistics system uses advanced binocular video analysis technology to accurately and real-time monitor the flow of passenger flow data in the mall, provide analysis reports based on passenger flow dynamics, and objectively reflect the characteristics of the flow of visitors in the mall, and provide decision-making basis for business activities. The system is based on the intelligent analysis of video content and can meet the analysis requirements of the following aspects of the enterprise:  

Visitor traffic and passenger to buyer conversion rate

People Counter can offer numbers of entering and leaving the market, the number of people stranded in various regions, and the average residence time of customers can be obtained. Combined with the POS system data, it is also possible to calculate bag raising rate, average customer unit price, etc.

The solution to the analysis of passenger flow statistics in shopping mall chain stores 3 An important indicator is that shopping mall management can adjust its business strategy based on passenger flow and promote consumption. 

Passenger flow density statistics 

It is generally believed that the passenger flow density = the number of people present in the mall/Shopping area. Through the analysis of passenger flow, the characteristics of passenger flow density change in the mall can be acquired, and the accurate passenger flow density of each floor and each area can be grasped. According to changes in the passenger flow density, air-conditioning, ventilation and other system configurations can be effectively arranged, and maintenance personnel such as toilets and emergency passages can be reasonably arranged. While improving the comfort of shopping, avoid the waste of human resources. 

Analysis of residence time

From the perspective of psychology, consumers’ shopping time will inevitably produce a certain degree of fatigue.Based on the analysis of passenger flow characteristics, the mall can obtain the average residence time of customers in all areas of the mall in real time, combine the psychological characteristics of people, and establish appropriate facilities and merchandise sales promotion activities to ensure that customers can effectively shop during the residence time of shopping malls. Overall market efficiency and average unit sales

Watchdog Video Intelligence Analysis System

With years of experience in the video surveillance industry, Watchdog Electronics has gradually mastered a number of video core technologies, possesses powerful technology research and development capabilities, and combines a deep understanding of modern retail business models to provide a complete video intelligent analysis solution for traffic statistics in the mall. The program is mainly used in:

1. Real-time, accurate, dynamic, and long-term passenger flow monitoring and statistics for commercial retail locations such as major shopping centers and chain stores, providing a wealth of statistical analysis reports, and a deeper level of business analysis combined with mall POS and ERP related systems. Provide decision basis;

 2. Statistics on traffic flow at exhibition centers, stadiums, etc.

And analyze the changes in passenger flow, improve the quality of venue services, effectively manage and guide passenger flow trends, and evaluate large-scale events;

3. It can detect changes in real-time passenger flow at crowded places such as stations, docks, subways, entertainment venues, tourist attractions, etc., conduct passenger flow management and public safety warnings, and prevent emergencies.