The Importance of Passenger Flow Counting for Retail Business

- Apr 28, 2018-

Passenger flow is of great significance to the industry that depends on passenger flow. For the retail industry, the customer is the carrier of money and the potential buyer of the goods. The study of the law of flow can increase the sales opportunity and transform the viewer into the shopper, to maximize the sales potential of the market and increase the profit.

Passenger flow is an important measuring tool. Through this accurate quantitative data, you can not only get the complete running situation of your shopping mall, shopping center, museum or airport, but you can also use these high precision data to carry out effective organization and camp work!

The importance of passenger flow statistics can be mainly reflected in the following aspects:

  • By statistics of the passenger flow at the entrance, you can understand the reasonable extent of the entry settings.

  • Through statistics of the direction of inbound and outward passenger flow, we can understand the reasonable extent of the access channel.

  • Through the statistics of the main floor passenger flow condition, the reasonable distribution of storefront is carried out.

  • Count the attraction and bustle of each region;

  • To effectively assess the returns on marketing and promotion investments held.

  • According to the change of passenger flow, it is more effective to allocate property management and maintenance personnel.

  • To improve the service quality of shopping malls through the conversion rate of passengers.

  • To improve the efficiency of marketing and promotion through passenger buying rate.

  • To calculate the average consumption capacity of the passenger flow population;

  • Objective to determine the price level of the rent objectively;

  • Assess and optimize advertising and promotional budgets.

  • They decide how to repay the customers' funds according to the number of visitors.

  • They can know what time is the best time to switch shop.

  • I got more ideas about sales and visitors in the sales process.

  • It shows that the current passenger flow status and trend of change, managers can take measures to prevent emergencies in a larger area of traffic, and to observe the current actual numbers of the shopping mall and so on.