Passenger Counting System Principle

- Jan 25, 2018-

Passenger Counting System Principle

Bus intelligent video people counter BPC, fixed camera video screen to extract the motion area, according to these sports area statistics. When the area of motion is similar to the size of a person, one can think of someone passing by. When multiple people are in close proximity, a priori knowledge of the size of the human body is used to segment a moving region into multiple single-person regions to estimate the passenger flow. Of course, the video stream is continuous in real time, and the detection and segmentation of the motion area needs to be constantly calculated in each frame. In addition, the motion area between each frame should be tracked to connect the motion areas at different times to give the correct traffic flow and pedestrian movement direction.

BPC System Features 

◇ multi-channel video data to achieve the number of statistics, with high real-time and accuracy

◇ based on the number of data mining and analysis, to provide a variety of analytical data and reports

◇ recognition process from different clothing colors, different hair color, wearing a hat, luggage and other factors. Recognition speed to meet the practical application requirements.

 ◇ Historical data can be analyzed by year, month and day, providing strong reference for management and decision-makers and recording videos of the statistics of people at any time

◇ system can use the network structure model, managers and decision-makers can remotely view the number of people in different geographical offices through the Internet data and images

◇ provide a variety of data analysis mode, while providing an open interface, custom development according to special needs

◇ powerful data storage, backup mechanism;

◇ Statistics accuracy: more than 95% of the standard environment;

◇ adapt to a variety of video resolutions.