Passenger counting and flow statistics system

- Dec 25, 2017-

Passenger flow traffic statistics is an important decision tool of city construction and commercial operation is indispensable, or business conditions such as the need to assess how much through traffic;  the city traffic needs rational planning, grasp the direction of flow and flow through the real-time traffic scheduling as security credentials. Therefore, regardless of real social security or commercial purposes, passenger volume is worthy of further study. Passenger counting and flow statistics system is an important investigative tool.

Automatic passenger flow statistics system

Through the installation of watchdog people counter system in the designated area, advanced technology in many fields of video processing, image processing, pattern recognition and artificial intelligence, the different forms of traffic flow and resides in the video image real-time detection recognition to get traffic statistical data at any time and the specified motion area entering or leaving. When the passeger flow traffic density is highly concentrated at the same time, video processing, automatic recognition and segmentation of moving body contour picture overlapping body contour traffic statistics data, avoid the people close to through the area, be mistaken for errors caused by together, so as to enhance the automatic traffic statistics system accuracy. In order to lay a solid foundation for development, the passenger flow statistical analysis system provides the credentials of accurate data reports as a scientific decision.

Report of the passenger flow statistical analysis system

Regular time, day, week, month, season, year (year-on-year, ring ratio) passenger flow statistical report analysis function;

At the peak time period, the passenger flow data were analyzed compared with the same period.

Compare and analyze the statistical report extraction of passenger flow at different dates.

Count the number of detained numbers in different regions and the length of the average standing.

By installing a passenger flow statistical machine in the main channel (floor, entrance and stop area), the passenger traffic is realized in real time.

The main channel through the analysis of traffic flow of the reasonable line (line) planning;

According to the change of human flow (including flow time and flow), the scientific adjustment and optimization are made to maximize the utilization of effective resources.

According to the change of human flow (including flow time and flow direction), the traffic dispatch and distribution work is carried out.

Display the current number of people and change trend. Managers can take precautions against unexpected events in larger traffic areas, and observe the actual number of people in shopping malls.

To master the flow of people, avoid causing crowds and stampede because of excessive holidays and promotions. The system can customize the early-warning level according to the customer's requirements.

High precision: using video to identify mobile object technology, the measurement accuracy is 95%/ per day.

High sensitivity: a flow of 4000 people / M / h can be detected.

Direction judgment: real-time detection in and out of two directions of the number of people, and provide a number of indicators.

Strong scalability: the system can interface with multiple ERP systems and provide a corresponding interface structure.

The system is strong: it can be used solely by stores, or by the headquarters of the affiliated group or the headquarters of management companies. It supports access to Internet applications.

Data intuition: the system automatically generates analysis reports and reports, and can perform analysis, contrast and other operations.

Long storage: the database can store at least 10 years of data, which can be querying and used by time.

The index is comprehensive: it can provide more than 10 kinds of analysis indexes, such as the number of human flow.

Through video surveillance camera, passenger flow statistics can get the basic data of the high flow rate and accuracy. It can accurately count the changes of people's flow time, the average residence time, the number of people staying in various areas and the traffic volume of each channel.