New People Counting Solution for Transit Bus Service

- Apr 28, 2018-

1. Background

With the rapid development of urban economy and the continuous expansion of the scale of cities, the number of motor vehicles and the traffic volume of roads have increased dramatically. The traffic congestion is very serious, which has brought great inconvenience to the people's life. Many years of practical experience at home and abroad show that the important way to solve the problem of urban traffic congestion is to develop public transportation.

At present, the domestic bus companies have to rely on the experience and intuition of managers to make operational plans. Although experiential decision making can grasp the characteristics of the change of bus passenger flow to a certain extent, the correctness and scientificity of the operation plan are not guaranteed, which not only causes the waste of enterprise resources and the decline of economic benefit, but also brings negative influence to the urban traffic environment and economic development.

Passenger flow data is the most important reference data of bus dispatching. It has regular characteristics in time and space. Through a large number of passenger flow data, it can guide reasonable bus dispatching, plan bus line network, improve vehicle capacity, save operation cost, guide passengers to travel, and improve the quality of passenger car.

Two. Solutions

Our company has formed a sophisticated system based on the passenger flow investigator as the front end to conduct passenger flow analysis and the passenger flow analysis and application based on the scheduling system. The camera is installed in the front and back door of the bus vehicle to collect video images, and the number of up and off is obtained after the analysis of the passenger flow survey device. Through the vehicle CAN bus to the vehicle monitoring host, the vehicle monitoring host passes through the 3G/4G wireless communication to the background, and the passenger flow scheduling analysis system carries out the statistical analysis and scheduling of passenger flow data. Line network planning and other applications.

General composition:

1. Passenger flow survey

The passenger flow survey is responsible for collecting the passenger flow data, forming the number of passenger flow statistics of the site, supporting the binocular body sensing technology, collecting the deep image, processing the complex public traffic situations such as hovering, stagnation and luggage, and can automatically count the number of two-way passenger flow, and the accuracy rate can reach 93%.

2, passenger flow scheduling analysis system

The passenger flow analysis and scheduling system can analyze and track the collected passenger flow data in space and time, and use the scheduling algorithm. According to the full load situation of the passenger flow, it is a perfect system to make real-time line allocation plan and vehicle dispatch plan. Through data analysis, the use of vehicles and the arrangement of transport capacity make the distribution of vehicle operation more rationalized. A more reasonable arrangement of management can make the travel arrangement of the public more convenient and convenient.

1) analysis of passenger flow of site and line

The system can carry out passenger traffic statistics and Analysis on bus stations and bus lines at peak and flat peak periods, and combine the full load rate of the site and the peak value analysis of the passenger flow on the station. The passenger flow can be transported quickly by using the interval vehicle and the large station express, so as to optimize the transmission interval of the line and adjust the transportation capacity.

2) passenger flow distribution point

Through the statistics and analysis of regional passenger flow, the passenger flow distribution point is calculated, providing decision support for line optimization and new line development.

3) application of passenger flow

Based on the data of passenger flow statistics and analysis, the optimal transmission interval of the line can be obtained, and then the number of routes and the number of drivers are calculated according to the length of the line, the capacity of the road and the time required for the one trip of the vehicle. The plan of the transmission of the line, the plan of the driver's scheduling, the optimization of the allocation of resources and the improvement of the line are made. Road productivity

3, the advantages of the scheme

1) the accuracy rate of data acquisition of basic passenger flow can reach 93%.

2) the identification area can be configured according to the requirements.

3) support the import and export of parameters, and install the same location directly with the same set of parameters.

4) the algorithm has strong real-time processing and no delay.

5) the analog video interface adopts aviation plug, and its anti vibration ability is strengthened.

6) support the SD card to collect the original video data;

7) support friendly human-computer interaction;

8) the passenger flow analysis results are scientific and reasonable, which can effectively guide bus scheduling and route planning.