New Passenger Counter Introduce

- Dec 25, 2017-

Watchdog Electronics passenger counter is a high technology products with image acquisition, passenger flow statistical analysis, network data transmission in one intelligent network camera. The people counter uses human-model based embeded linux technology, with industry-leading passenger flow statistics accuracy, can be widely used in all types of entrances and exits passenger flow statistics, regional passenger flow analysis, into the store rate and other information collection and analysis. 

Video People Counter-MDVR Watchdog Electronics.jpg

Our new people counter appearance with concealed patented design, can be embedded in the top of the room, the appearance of the integration of the top of the installation does not affect the overall appearance of the installation environment; shrapnel self-locking structure, thermal scales, power supply and other new technologies, but also given the product installation Convenient, fast cooling, low power consumption, low failure rate and other characteristics of the product is more widely used in large supermarkets, tourist attractions, chain stores and other types of passenger flow statistics and statistical analysis.

Main Features

  • Collection of image, passenger flow statistics and analysis, data transmission in one.

  • The precision of visual technology based on human body model is more than 98%.

  • Support POE power supply, can greatly simplify the system wiring;

  • The front end can be stored for more than 2 years of data, support offline http;

  • Low power consumption, the maximum power consumption of the whole machine is 3W;

  • Support H.264 real-time video transmission, embedded database and Web services.

  • When the power is broken and the network is broken, the equipment can be restarted automatically after the power supply is restored.

  • Embedded kernel, embedded operating system without virus interference, equipped with watchdog, to avoid the phenomenon of dead.

  • The heat dissipation of the aluminum alloy shell is better and the design is completely closed to prevent the dust entering the equipment.

  • Concealed appearance, embedded installation design, shrapnel structure without screw installation;

  • The WiFi probe is supported and the MAC address of the peripheral mobile phone can be scanned.

  • Accurate and stable count

  • The system is flexible and can satisfy all kinds of complex site installation environment and network transmission environment

  • the data is real-time, and the report is practical.

  • High security of data transmission and storage

  • Simple implementation, low maintenance cost