Monitoring Installation Equipment Maintenance principles

- Aug 01, 2017-

Generally speaking, each system maintenance must establish the corresponding spare parts storehouse, the main reserve some more important and damaged after the difficult to repair immediately equipment, such as cameras, lenses, monitors and so on. In addition to the equipment used, we should also pay attention to the establishment of a device library to store a number of spare parts, spare parts warehouse inventory must be based on equipment maintenance and equipment operating cycle characteristics of continuous update.

In the maintenance of monitoring system equipment in the process, should be a number of situations to prevent, as far as possible to make the operation of normal equipment, the main need to do a good moistureproof, dust, anti-corrosion, lightning Protection, anti-interference work, a lot of surveillance cameras are in the outdoor environment for a long time, because the equipment directly in the dust environment, the operation of the equipment will have a direct impact, need to focus on good moisture, dust, anti-corrosion maintenance work.