Mobile Video Surveillance Camera classification

- Aug 01, 2017-

1. WiFi Wireless Network Camera: WiFi wireless Network Camera needs to work with the wireless router, wireless routers require to be able to access the Internet.

2. Wired Network Camera: Wired Network Camera directly plugged into the network or router can be able to work properly. Using the advantages of cable network cameras: the use of a particularly simple, do not need any configuration can be used, not afraid of signal interference, stable and reliable, low cost of the Internet.

3.3G Wireless Network Camera: 3G Network Camera has mobile TD-SCDMA type, Unicom WCDMA type and telecom CDMA2000 type, need to insert the corresponding mobile phone card in the camera. The advantages of using 3G Network Camera: Simple use, no need for any configuration can be used; Do not need wiring, do not need users to make any network, as long as the mobile phone network and power can be used in the place.