Main Causes of Car Accidents in USA

- Dec 12, 2019-

Accidents can lead to a variety of adverse consequences, including permanent injury, loss of income, etc. So why don't you do everything you can to avoid an accident? If you understand the causes of accidents, so you will understand why our ADAS and DSM system are so important  to prevent accidents.

Although some of the causes of these crashes seem obvious and redundant to experienced drivers, the list aims to educate drivers at all levels, from teenage drivers who have just obtained a license to senior drivers with 40 years of driving experience. Learning to drive a car takes a lot of guidance time, especially when the driver wants to avoid causing a traffic accident. Let our "25 most common causes of car accidents" be your lifelong guide to preventing traffic accidents, not only in San Diego, but everywhere.

1. Distracted driving

The first major cause of traffic accidents is not the criminals who drive drunk, accelerate or run the red light. Distracted drivers are the leading cause of traffic accidents in the United States today. Distracted drivers are drivers who usually turn their attention away from the road by texting or eating on their mobile phones.

2. Speeding

You've seen them on the motorway. Many drivers ignore the speed limit and drive at 10, 20 or even 30 mph. The speed is fatal. Driving beyond the speed limit is a simple way to cause traffic accidents. If you need to prevent car accidents, the faster you drive, the slower your response time will be.

3. Drunk driving

When drinking, you lose your ability to focus and work normally, and are very dangerous when operating the vehicle. Driving under the influence of alcohol can lead to traffic accidents every day, even if it is one of the main reasons that can be avoided. If you are out drinking, be sure to use the designated driver.

4. Driving by lure

If you don't drive carefully, you may cause unnecessary traffic accidents. That's what happens to lure's drivers, who are speeding and changing lanes or tailgate too quickly before causing a crash. Ruck drivers are often impatient with traffic, so be sure to pay special attention to aggressive drivers.

5. Rain

If the weather goes bad, so does the road. Accidents often occur in rain, because water will cause smooth and dangerous surfaces for cars, trucks and motorcycles, and often lead to runaway rotation or skidding when braking. To avoid traffic accidents, take extra care when it rains.

6. Running red light

When you drive, red means stop, and failure to do so usually leads to traffic accidents. Drivers running red lights run the risk of false death because they often cause side impacts at high speeds. To avoid traffic accidents, when you approach the green light, please also consider the oncoming car.

7. Running stop sign

Parking signs can never be ignored, but when they appear, they often lead to serious traffic accidents. Every year, thousands of traffic accidents occur as a result of a driver hitting a stop sign. Drivers who drive stop signs can cause many rollovers and side crashes. When passing a stop sign, you should always look at it in two ways.

8. Juvenile driver

Young people waste on young people, but careful driving will never waste on young people. Unfortunately, teenagers are not often known for their prudence. When young drivers go on the road, they don't always know what to do, and inexperience will eventually lead to traffic accidents.

9. Driving at night

Driving during the day can be dangerous, but driving at night almost doubles the risk of an accident. When you don't see what is going to happen, you will be at a loss. As the sun sets, your awareness of the road and the cars around you must rise.

10. Design defects

No product can be made perfectly, so can cars. There are hundreds of parts in a car. Any defective part can cause a serious accident. In the past, many automakers have encountered design defects, including the Ford Explorer rollover and Toyota's unexpected acceleration crash.

11. Unsafe lane change

There will always be a time when you need to cross another lane (for example, exit the motorway, enter the right lane to turn, etc.). If the driver fails to change the safety Lane correctly, it will usually lead to traffic accidents. To avoid unnecessary crashes, use turn signals, check for blind spots, and always carefully enter the next lane.

12. Wrong driving

Everyone's judgment is wrong, but when driving to the car, those turbid instincts can be fatal. You can reject a street as a normal right turn, in fact, a one-way street in the opposite direction. When you go the wrong way, everyone is in danger, because when you go to an accident.

13. Improper turning

The reason we set up stop lights, turn signals and lanes dedicated to moving left and right instead of going straight is that when drivers ignore the rules of the road, they often lead to traffic accidents. To prevent accidents, always look for signs and follow the correct route before turning.

14. Tail plate

Many drivers are impatient and cocky, driving another car so close that if the car in front suddenly stops, they will not be able to respond in time. Many fatal accidents happened when the driver hit another driver dangerously at high speed. You can prevent these crashes by providing a bicycle long buffer for the car in front of you at 10 mph.

15. Driving under the influence of drugs

When mixing with drivers on the road, not only alcohol is dangerous. Both legal and illegal drugs can damage your ability to play a full role as a driver. If you don't know your mind and can't control your body completely, driving the steering wheel can cause a serious accident.

16. Ice

You are driving along the road. It's dark. You want to go home for warmth. Next you will know that your car is dangerously spinning out of control due to a collision with black ice. Although there is little ice in San Diego, ice is the main cause of car accidents in cold cities.

17. Snow

The danger of ice and water mixing in snow is a dangerous recipe for traffic accidents caused by every winter storm. Like ice, you don't usually encounter snow when driving in San Diego. Cold cities in winter know how dangerous it is for commuters to snow.

18. Road rage

Everyone is angry with another driver for some reason, but some drivers let their anger overcome them. These road "angry people" will cause many unnecessary traffic accidents every year by irritating another driver or driving angrily past another driver just to brake and brake in front of them.

19. Potholes

San Diego drivers are fully aware of the dangers of potholes in the streets. The driver may lose control of the car or the risk of a flat tire when driving through these potholes. If you see a pothole in the route of the car, you can make sure that the tires will not drive on it, so as to avoid accidents.

20. Drowsy driving

Driver fatigue hasn't been discussed much, but when people can't stay awake, how much can we expect them to drive. Most of the accidents caused by drowsy driving happen at night. If you find that you want to sleep on the steering wheel, stop it safely and try a quick 30 minute nap.

21. Tire blowout

Most expressways are littered with bits and pieces of tyre blasting. A flat tire can cause you to lose control of your vehicle, which is particularly dangerous for large vehicles such as semi trucks. When you have a flat tire, try to maintain control of the vehicle and stop it safely. You may avoid a serious accident.

22. Fog

Fog is not the most common weather event, which is good news for traffic accident statistics. Driving is a skill that requires vision, but fog can sometimes make vision very difficult, sometimes even longer than the car in front of you. When driving in fog, please use headlights - do not use high beam lights to avoid traffic accidents.

23. Lethal curve

Some call them curves of the dead, but everyone should be careful when approaching them. Many drivers have lost control of their cars along a dangerous curve and have been killed in a car accident. Therefore, when you approach these signs, please pay attention to the posted speed limit and drive carefully to avoid traffic accidents.

24. Animal transit

Although drivers are required to understand the road rules, wild animals do not receive driver education. Wildlife will come to the streets, depending on your own making sure you don't have a traffic accident with them. Please pay more attention when you see animal crossing signs and use high beam when you travel in rural wooden areas.

25. Street Racing

Street racing is the glory of the movie franchise of "fast and furious" and the underground culture of fast cars and fatal car accidents. With the help of turbo engines and nitrous oxide boosters, cars usually reach extremely high speeds in street competitions, making any car accident more dangerous and unlikely to kill any survivors