Long Trip Truck CCTV Fleet Management Solution

- Dec 19, 2017-

With the rapid growth of our national economy and the improvement of the people's living standards, the demand for traffic is increasing. Long distance passenger car is one of the most commonly used public transportation tools between cities. It has the characteristics of dispersed vehicles, long distance driving, long driving time of drivers, strong mobility of passengers and complex personnel structure. Due to fatigue driving, overload and overspeed caused by vehicle rollover, rear end collision, leading to casualties and other major safety accidents continue to happen, which brings huge security risks to long-distance vehicle operation safety production.

Industry background

As of 2011 5.1 the Chengdu Chongqing high-speed car accident caused 7 dead and 4 injured, 7.17 Beijing Shenyang high-speed car accident caused 9 dead and 9 injured, 7.22 strains of Beijing high-speed bus fire caused 41 dead 7 injured vicious incident occurred, the security problem of long-distance transportation become more and more important. In order to prevent accidents effectively, in the afternoon of July 24, 2011, Li Shenglin, Minister of transport, put forward the special supervision measures for long-distance passenger cars in the whole country on the "national transportation safety production emergency videophone conference".

First, it is necessary to force the installation of vehicle video monitoring device to monitor the situation in the car at any time.

Second, aiming at the regular characteristics of the high incidence of accidents from 3 o'clock to 4 o'clock in the morning, measures for temporary parking and rest in the early hours from 2 o'clock to 5 o'clock for the super long distance running sleeper buses are actively promoted. The vehicle overcrowding, not according to the provisions of the linesflight Road, outside the station showmanship, highway on and off illegal violations shall be severely punished. The public security department should gradually put the "two passenger and one danger" vehicle installed and using the satellite positioning device into the inspection scope. The above government measures have made the security monitoring of long transport have a legal guarantee. In order to meet the requirements of the country, many passenger transport manufacturers have installed the vehicle GPS and vehicle video surveillance system in succession, and the on-board monitoring market presents the growth of blowout type.


Completed In Vehicle CCTV Solution

The vehicle cctv system is a complete operating system. In order to achieve the goal of video surveillance system with all directions and no dead ends, Joyoung monitoring system should not only monitor the condition of vehicles, but also have safety monitoring requirements for long-distance transportation stations and other places. The system scheme should be formulated respectively for the vehicles and stations, and the centralized management of the monitoring points should be realized through the management center.

The vehicle cctv system is a set of end to end system solutions specially designed for the long haul industry. The system consists of two major systems: vehicle monitoring system and dispatching management platform. It is designed for the needs of the vehicle and dispatching management business in the long transport industry. Each system can work independently, and it can also be integrated into an integrated solution.

Vehicle CCTV system

By our lastest AHD Mobile DVRconnected to special car camera, microphone, alarm, intercom equipment, GPS, 3G/Wifi module, video image acquisition car audio signal, alarm signal, GPS vehicle real-time information, vehicle driving conditions, to achieve local hard disk data storage and through wireless network to upload data to the dispatching management platform. Audio and video monitoring of long transport vehicles. Design requirements for monitoring and installation system

The CCTV system can manage the front-end equipment, audio and video stream storage, data forwarding, business operation management and so on. Scheduling management platform including system configuration, real-time monitoring, video playback, real-time query control, alarm management, capture, catch record, car GIS, business statistics.

The design requirements of the platform are:

Through the network, many people can monitor the network video of vehicles distributed throughout the country.

In the monitoring center, all the video signals can be freely switched to display through the display device.

It has good expansibility, and can easily increase the function of monitoring point and alarm.

Simple operation, powerful function and humanized operation interface.

Good compatibility and convenient docking with the existing long transport scheduling system.

In depth with the long transport dispatch business integration, perfect business management, statistical functions. Provide services such as import, export, printing, etc. of business reports.