Learn WiFi People Counting System

- Jul 22, 2020-

Learn WiFi People Counting System

WiFi store people counters can count people by connecting to mobile devices. The premise of these sensors is that most people's smartphones will search the nearby WiFi network to connect.

When people enter a business store, WiFi visitor counter will detect that these devices are searching for WiFi networks, enabling them to "count" the number of unique devices and use the data to estimate foot traffic.

Where should use WiFi people counting sensor?

  • WiFi sensors are best suited for businesses that want to cover a wide space with sensors.

  • WiFi shopping centers and large businesses can benefit from it.

  • average cost of WiFi user count sensor

  • WiFi sensors may not be the most affordable foot flow counter on the market, but most businesses only need to buy one sensor for the entire space.

  • They are also relatively easy and fast to install. Most sensors on the market have detailed installation instructions and do not need professional help.

  • Through the WiFi door counter, you can measure a lot of things and get interesting insights and data about customers and their shopping habits.

Limits of WiFi people counter

WiFi people counting sensors are only accurate if the phone and device settings are right for it.

If someone were to turn off the WiFi settings on their device, that person would not be counted in foot traffic data.

Furthermore, given the increased privacy and security concerns in the world today, many device manufacturers are changing the way networks are detected by default to protect users from malicious parties, making many WiFi sensors pretty unreliable.