:Learn Thermal People Counter Solution

- Jul 22, 2020-

The thermal people counter used for counting people is to use the thermal detection sensor to detect the passenger flow traffic.

When someone touches the cabinet door, the thermal people counter will detect the heat emitted by the human body when passing through the sensor, so as to realize personnel identification and footfall traffic.

One advantage of using thermal imaging sensors is that they provide anonymous data about the person being tracked.

Thermal human counting sensor

Where can I use a thermal visitor counting sensor?

Thermal sensors can be applied to any door, especially in exhibition hall, hotel, automatic door, etc. their anonymity also makes them a good solution. Enterprises may have privacy problems or must comply with privacy requirements.

Ideal thermal sensor matching enterprises include retailers, cooperative offices, offices and other large facilities.

Advantages of  thermal visitor counting sensor

The biggest advantage of using popular counter is no doubt anonymity, no customer cooperation and low cost. The accuracy of the thermal sensor is also significantly higher than that of WiFi, light cut and Bluetooth technologies.

Defects of thermal customer counting sensor

Compared with camera technology, especially binocular passenger counting technology , TOF, structured light technology, the recognition accuracy is not high, which is difficult to meet the needs of accurate statistics. The filtering level of objects is low, and the wrong judgment is often made for hats, luggage, pets, etc. Under the condition of many people with high flow rate, the phenomenon of missing meter will appear. It can only meet the needs of passenger flow analysis in a rough range.