Learn Intelligent Bus Transportation System

- Jan 25, 2018-

Intelligent Bus Transportation System is to use current the most advanced GPS/ Beidou Positioning Technology, 3G/4G communication technology and GIS geographic information system technology, combined with the operating characteristics of public transport vehicles, construction of intelligent bus dispatching system, planning and scheduling of lines, vehicles, intelligent scheduling by live passenger flow, improve the utilization rate of public transportation vehicles, and realize the monitoring and management of the bus, the site and the station through the video monitoring system to improve the construction of the. Intelligent public transport is an inevitable mode of public transport development in the future. It has great significance for slowing down the increasingly serious traffic jam problem. Most of the first tier cities in China have realized the intellectualization of public transportation.

According to the relevant national policy to develop public transportation to cope with the increasingly serious problem of traffic congestion of the city, through the construction of intelligent bus dispatching center, a full range of bus 3G video monitoring system, entity intelligent electronic bus stop board, according to the operating characteristics of bus, bus, bus intelligent to create peace as the starting point, to achieve the following goals:

1, according to the line, site traffic scientific setting of bus lines, dispatching mode system using plan scheduling and rolling scheduling combination, make intelligent, real-time, scientific vehicle operation scheduling, strengthen the command and control of the vehicle, improve operational efficiency.

2, through the construction of the bus dispatching and monitoring system, we can achieve real-time data collection of vehicle operation, locate the vehicle automatically, and manage the buses more scientifically and effectively.

3, automatic station system, vehicles by station equipment through the car broadcast automatic broadcast station information, remind passengers of transfer and attention.

4, guide multiplying system, vehicle LED/LCD multiplying screen real-time display the current line, site information.

5, the construction of a comprehensive visual surveillance system can provide video data of buses, bus stops and bus stations, so as to provide a basis for achieving safe and intelligent public transport.

6, through the construction of a perfect bus information service system, the public can conveniently and accurately get bus line information and real-time information through mobile phones, entity electronic stop boards, etc., so as to make the public transport the best, safe, economical and comfortable way to travel.