Large supermarket people counter 60 ways to increase passenger traffic (use passenger counter)

- Oct 30, 2018-

Large supermarket people counter 60 ways to increase passenger traffic (use passenger counter)

Effective ways to improve passenger flow, mainly include: external factors (1, passenger flow in front of the store is passing passengers 2, nearby, 1.5

Kilometer range 3, 1.5 km away) and internal factors (1, internal services and special services 2, internal environment and personalized display

3, product strength and uniqueness 4, membership services (face recognition + people counter) 5, after-sales 6, manufacturers cooperation 7

In-store working hours), in terms of comprehensive cost and operability, can be divided into the following categories:

First, the cost is low, the effect is good: 1, the promotion activities outside the store to create popularity: joint manufacturers, often organize some buy and send activities in front of the store, increase popularity, attract passenger flow. (The store, the company can operate) 2, the joint manufacturer to do free test items

Eye (measuring blood pressure, blood sugar, vitamins, etc.): Pulling and attracting people. (The store, the company can operate) 3, various competitions (chess, poker, picking rope, hula hoop, etc.): gather popularity. (The store can be operated) 4, outside the store to put a movie: gather popular.

(The store and the company can operate) 5. Speaker Marketing (activity content, company profile): Causes the attention of passers-by to attract popularity. (Company can operate) 6. Professional services + Well-trained employees: Improve customer service satisfaction, and turn customers in the store into a fixed group: increase the frequency of old customers coming to the store. (The store is operational) 7. Provide group purchase service.

(The store is operational) 8, personalized display and POP. (The store can be operated) 9, the display is neat, full, beautiful, no near-effect period: to achieve a good visual effect. (The store can operate) 10. Vigorously develop advertising products and new products. (The company can operate) 11, after-sales service follow-up: customer return, complaints

12. Be kind to the salesman of the factory, and strive for the high-quality resources of the manufacturers to join the store to do the promotion activities together to attract popularity (advertising + gifts + resources + manpower). (The store and company can operate)

Second, the cost is slightly higher, the effect is good: 1, outside the store POP advertising, publicity single page issuance: intercepted passers-by resale. (The store and the company can operate) 2. Go to the nearby neighborhoods and restaurants to make publicity, send a leaflet, post a poster, let the customer know

Store. (The store and the company can operate) 3. Square activities: Pull people's popularity and expand publicity. (The company can operate) 4. Contact the neighborhood committee to organize some health lecture halls: draw the distance between the store and the customers. (The store and the company can operate 5. Community publicity column promotion: Expand the publicity. (The store and the company can operate) 6. Provide professional monitoring: Blood sugar measurement, blood pressure measurement, visual acuity, vitamin measurement, etc. (The store can be operated) 7. Create a beautiful sales atmosphere and environment in the store, create a first-class shopping plaza: guide the customers' willingness to come. (The company can operate) 8. Change the seasonal store environment: create a shopping atmosphere. (The store can operate) 9, to ensure that the goods are complete, to do 'people without me. People have me excellent': improve satisfaction. (stores, companies can operate)

Third, the cost is high, the effect is good: 1, the eye-catching, promotional banner, window: the attention of pedestrians. (Company can operate) 2, performance, waist drum team: gathering popularity. (Company can operate) 3, TV commercials, newspapers, car advertising, radio stations: Let customers know about the store. (The company can operate) 4. Expand publicity, print a leaflet (event planning), distribute it during the peak period of passenger flow, and expand publicity. (Company can operate) 5. Increase the amount of recharge activities

7, the product category diversification specialization (company can operate) 8, the commodity price is low quality + promotion activities, buy and send, bundle. (Company can operate) 9. Give members a day of promotional activities, use the member's word of mouth to promote the brand to increase customer traffic. (The company can operate) 10. Member points are exchanged in time, and the special activities of the member day are implemented:

Come often. (The store is operational) 11. The establishment of the key member maintenance system. Such as: registration of the customer's birthday, gift students

Day gift. (Company can operate) 12, 24 hours service and appropriate extension of working hours. (The store is operational) 13. The government and enterprise are united to enhance the corporate image. Increase free pick up service

There are three main ways to improve the customer unit price: 1. Increase the purchase price; 2. Increase the purchase quantity 3

Increase the number of impulse purchases. From the perspective of comprehensive cost and operability, it is also divided into the following categories: 1. Low cost and good effect: 1. Improve professional sales skills and improve success rate. (The store is operational)

2. Enhance the professional knowledge of employees, build a professional team, and strive for everyone to be a sales expert. (The store is operational) 3. Cultivate the quality of employees, professionalism, and enthusiasm for work. Improve customer satisfaction with the service and increase the return rate.

(The store is operational) 4. Enhance the familiarity of employees with the main products and prices, and increase gross profit and sales. (The store can be operated) 5. Judging the purchasing power: According to the customer's spending power, purchase

The habits and living standards are carried out in different grades. The high-end products are recommended by high-end people. (The store can be operated) 6. Provide group purchase service to increase the purchase price (the store can be operated) 7. The product structure is reasonable, the category is complete, the price is moderate, and the success rate is improved. (The store can be operated) 8. The merchandise display is neat, beautiful and dynamic. (The store can be operated) 9. Bundled sales of combined products: For example, calcium supplement should be added with cod liver oil. (The store is operational) 10. Associated display: It attracts the direct attention of customers, thus increasing the chance of the customer's unit price rising. (The store is operational)

11. Strengthen the sales and association of food, daily necessities and health care products: increase the unit price of purchase. For example, oral medicine can be associated with toothpaste, toothbrushes, mouthwashes and other commodities in the care category. (The store is operational)

12, sales of family suits (stores can be operated)

13. The cashier's marketing will make the final pass. The display of the cashier + the communication of the cashier + the change of goods 1 yuan or less of the preparation +

Cashier sales assessment. (The store is operational)

14, the promotion of new products, special promotions: increase the desire to buy. (The store is operational)

15. When people are playing for a long time, play the music of the festival. (The store is operational)

16. Provide customers with shopping baskets. (The store is operational) Marketing of the explosive post: Increase the desire to buy. Note: Replacement of the explosion post. (Store is operational)

17, in-store speaker marketing (buy and send information transmission, full of lottery events): increase the desire to buy. (The store can be operated) Second, the cost is slightly higher, the effect is good: 1, according to seasonal, festive use of floats, piles to create a sales atmosphere: improve customers

Purchase desire. (The store is operational)

2. Extend the moving line and make full use of the magnet point. If you display the special items necessary for life in the deeper part of the store, attract customers to the corners and extend the shopping route. The online road can fully build the pile and create a sales atmosphere. (The store is operational)

Third, the cost is high, the effect is good: 1, the uniqueness of the store. (Company can operate)

3, on a variety of payment methods, silver online, WeChat payment, Alipay payment: increase the purchase amount. (The company can operate) 4, to create a beautiful sales atmosphere, environment, so that customers spend more than one minute in the store to increase an opportunity. (The store is operational) 5. The joint manufacturer carries out various promotional and buying activities to attract consumers and increase the purchase amount of customers. (The store is operational)

In short, you must use people counter + face recognition (Auto Watchdog)