Intelligent Taxi Terminal will Replace Traddition Taxi Meter

- Dec 09, 2017-

The shock wave Internet plus is gradually penetrated into various traditional industries, and promote the profound changes, the taxi industry is no exception. In order to form a service system that can coexist and compete well in the new and old formats, taxi and special car need to stand on the same running line. This not only requires the traditional rental car industry to break the interests of the pattern, eliminate its own disadvantages, but also require the car to accept the corresponding rules of the game.


The traditional taxi industry has a strategic change

The traditional taxi industry is still the public transport can not be replaced by an important part, but the impact of the Internet in the car and the team under siege, the traditional taxi industry frequently "retreating tide" and "strike event, which leads to the income of taxi drivers continue to decline, a large number of drivers diverted, opened a car. This is not only due to the disadvantages of the traditional taxi industry, but also to the competitive advantage of the special vehicle service, which is not all from innovation, but from the huge difference of operation cost. Relative to special vehicles, taxis need to pay high operating costs and regulatory premiums. Although the government has issued the corresponding policies, it has brought the special vehicle into the category of taxi management, and also reduced the taxable money of taxis. However, this series of reform measures did not stop the phenomenon of taxi drivers running away.

Taxi Ehailing System.jpg

In the face of the trend of the reform of the taxi industry and the development trend of the technology of the car network, the taxi itself has also welcomed the strategic change.Taxi Ehailing System.jpg

Intelligent taxi vehicle terminal

Case 1, American taxis are charged by GPS vehicle terminal

According to media reports, the United States of New York to install GPS 1000 taxi vehicle terminal pilot, to calculate the cost of using GPS positioning and trajectory, cancel the traditional billing model. The traditional charging mode depends on the mechanical device to measure the mileage of the vehicle and make the charging. This way also give some bad drivers loopholes to detour way to charge some fees, losses to consumers. The new GPS charging mode has eliminated this phenomenon. The GPS vehicle terminal installed on the car is similar to the tablet PC. The screen will display information such as mileage and cost. Passengers can also conveniently view the information of the running track and how far away from the destination. If the charging mode of the GPS vehicle terminal can be popularized, it will be the gospel of the consumers and guarantee the interests of the consumers.

Case two, Hangzhou taxi will upgrade "intelligent taxi vehicle terminal"

It is reported that by the end of this year, Hangzhou's taxis will fully upgrade the installation of mobile 4G vehicle intelligent equipment. Through the network platform and the related data collected by the equipment, the data analysis and intelligent management function of the taxi can be realized. It is understood that the networked taxi is not inferior to the special vehicle. The intelligent terminal has strong collection ability, with information screen, service evaluator, monitoring equipment, intelligent car ceiling lamp and so on, so as to ensure the synchronization of all taxi information in the city. The operation and management department can conduct intelligent network management of taxi drivers and drivers through GPS positioning, operation, service evaluation, cost and industry certification, and the efficiency is greatly improved. Passengers can also make reservations through the Internet and mobile phone APP. The monitoring and video recording functions of the device and the one touch alarm function also ensure the safety of drivers and passengers. What's more, passengers can also evaluate drivers. According to their service attitude and quality of service, passengers can praise or give bad reviews, which will greatly improve the service quality of drivers. Let the passengers feel more comfortable and fall in love with the taxi.

Case list three, "Shantou Municipal Transportation Bureau rental car call service and supervision and management regulations (trial run)" is carried out this month

In order to regulate the taxi call service in Shantou, the regulations on taxi call service and monitoring management of Shantou traffic and Transportation Bureau (Trial Implementation) have been implemented since this month. The regulation clearly states that taxi companies do not carry out the call service or call service indicators in accordance with the regulations. They will be deducted from the annual service quality assessment of enterprises, and will be included in the bidding evaluation project of the taxi management rights. Taxi companies do not install special equipment such as electric calling and monitoring on taxis, or do not collect and store operation information regularly. They are punished according to relevant regulations.

At present, the taxi in Shantou is equipped with intelligent vehicle terminal device. The device has a camera, LED display and alarm button, and has functions of real-time monitoring, car phone, GPS location and so on.  Passengers, if they need to drive, can call a car by calling the call hotline. It is also convenient to make a network reservation by mobile APP software.  It effectively reduces the no-load rate of taxis and alleviates the problem of "hard driving" for passengers.

There are many similar examples, which illustrates a problem, "Internet plus taxi" mode has been quietly struck, and the sparks of fire Liaoyuanzhishi development can. The traditional equipment will be phased out gradually, and the vehicle terminal equipment, which conforms to the management of the taxi industry, will be the best choice for the taxi industry.

Intelligent taxi vehicle terminal

Typical advantages of intelligent taxis vehicle terminal

Under the new situation, facing the innovation demand brought by technological innovation and technological revolution, installing taxi intelligent management terminal is an important measure to improve taxi operation and management level by means of science and technology. For example, Watchdog, a customized Android intelligent taxi terminal JT-1 for the traditional taxi industry, largely meets the needs of the taxi industry to achieve networked intelligent management.

1, it realizes the real-time transmission of information and intelligent scheduling by means of GPS+ Beidou vehicle positioning, 3G/4G wireless communication, real-time recording and video recording and other technical means.

2, the equipment uses the Android operating system, can install various kinds of call, network ehailing software, such as drop, excellent step and so on. Passengers can make an appointment to hire a car through a network platform or a mobile phone.

3, 6.2 inch large screen color display can effectively identify the driver's electronic certificate, confirm driver's identity, and publish advertising information and other functions.

4, the realization of an electronic flash pay function, can support WeChat, Alipay and three party payment, to avoid the change between the drivers and passengers, counterfeit money troubles and disputes;

5, can use the equipment to recording videos by external 2 small security cameras like Mobile DVR, greatly improve the taxi complaint identification and processing rate, so that the interests of passengers are guaranteed. 1TB SSD support over 1month recordings.

6, support one button alarm function, it is to protect the safety of life and property of drivers and passengers. When drivers encounter robbery and other dangerous situations, they can press the alarm button, and the terminal will automatically alarm.

7, passengers can evaluate the satisfaction of the driver's service quality and improve the industry image and overall service level.