Intelligent Bus Transit System Coming

- Dec 26, 2019-

What is intelligent bus transportation system

Intelligent public transport is a brand-new product that integrates the concept of intelligent machine, bus and mobile Internet, and extends public transport service to users' mobile phones. Through mobile phones, users can query the real-time location, up and down directions and other information of each bus anytime and anywhere, so as to facilitate the timely arrangement of the bus plan, not to waste time in the bus station, not to be upset about being unable to catch up with the latest bus or delay the trip, so as to greatly improve the travel efficiency and fully enjoy the intelligent urban life brought by informatization.

Intelligent public transport includes the following three aspects: managers can accurately locate the location of each bus, understand how the vehicles are in operation and whether there are faults; dispatchers can collect and process information through intelligent means, understand the past and future of each line, scientifically allocate the number of buses or increase or decrease the number of stops; passengers can know the arrival time and the number of passengers in real time to So we can reasonably choose means of transportation, reduce blind waiting time, and achieve "accurate" driving.

Intelligent dispatching improves bus operation efficiency

Through technical support, the bus intelligent bus dispatching system will be upgraded. Reasonable scheduling can maximize the efficiency of the bus and improve the comfort of passengers. But for a long time, the information of the public traffic dispatcher is lagging behind, and can only be scheduled according to the vehicle operation and daily accumulated experience, unable to keep up with the change of the traffic situation in real time, and can only be adjusted when the problem occurs.

With the use of intelligent bus scheduling system, this situation will change obviously. The intelligent passenger bus dispatching system can carry out intelligent analysis on  passenger traffic by reamol video passenger counters ( If the number of people on a bus increases significantly, it means that the passenger counting numbers of this line will increase in this period, and reinforcement vehicles need to be added immediately; if it is found that the continuous passenger counting traffic of several buses is very low, it means that the passenger flow of the line will enter the low peak period, at this time, the departure frequency should be reduced to avoid invalid investment Let's open up the class blindly.

The intelligent dispatching system can also automatically detect the abnormal conditions in the operation of the line. Once the bus is found to be abnormal, the system will automatically alarm and feed back to the corresponding management department, which effectively supervises the driver, enhances the prevention and control ability, and greatly improves the safety of the bus.

In the future, with the completion of the construction of intelligent dispatching management platform, bus code scanning payment, intelligent electronic station board, public transport app, etc., Datong public transport will also establish a big data analysis system, through the comprehensive analysis of the above information, so as to reasonably optimize the line, distribute the station, adjust the departure workshop interval, reduce the vehicle idling rate, and improve the convenience and comfort of public transport travel, so as to let public transport out Line becomes a fashion trend.

According to the development plan of public transport informatization construction, the future smart public transport will gradually present three highlights:

First, APP Payment, you can pay by scanning the code when you take the bus. Through cooperation with Internet enterprises, you can upgrade the IC card machines and tools of the bus in an all-round way to provide more payment methods for passengers, so that you can no longer worry about the inconvenience of no change and change.

Second, Realtime bus TV, build an electronic station board that can provide intuitive travel routes, transfer information, and vehicle arrival information query, onboard passenger numbers and passenger load rate, so that passengers no longer wait aimlessly.

Third, Next Bus APP,  develop a mobile app that provides all-round public transport information, so that passengers can know the vehicle information without leaving the home, such as arrival time, temperature in the car,  passenger counting number in the bus, estimated travel time, etc., so as to reasonably arrange travel, reduce waiting time at the site, and also publish information such as lost and lost items on the public transport app. The bus company can release the bus line adjustment information at any time through the mobile app. Passengers can also face-to-face with the intelligent public transport system through app, propose customized public transport lines and public transport tourism lines and other schemes, so as to communicate more smoothly with public transport companies.

Set up an electronic stop board at the bus station, so that passengers can know exactly how long the waiting bus can arrive and whether there is the last bus. After the completion of the research and development of the public transport app client, citizens download the client with smart phones, which is equivalent to adding a mobile electronic station sign to themselves. Wherever they are, they can immediately find the bus information they want to pay attention to by clicking on the client. Before going out, you can check the bus line, choose a less crowded bus, and arrive at the station at the right time.