Important People Counter in Scenic Management

- Dec 29, 2019-

With the rapid development of economy, tourism is also touching the economy. In the pursuit of material, the pursuit of spiritual enjoyment is also more. Tourism scenic spots attract people's attention, providing people with places for relaxation, leisure and entertainment, and quickly promoting the process of a harmonious society.


But the safety of tourist area also brings some troubles to people. In particular, the large footfall of people and vehicles during holidays brings more security risks to the tourist area. It is a huge challenge to the scenic spots with limited staff. If the staffing and facilitation work is not followed up in time, the consequences will be unimaginable.


In order to provide a beautiful leisure and entertainment environment for every tourist, a stable and reliable wireless video monitoring system can be used to realize the safe, scientific and effective management of each scenic spot, to implement all-weather and all-round 24-hour monitoring and personnel footfall record on the spot of the tourist area, to strengthen the on-site supervision and safety management, to improve the service quality, and to make the work management more standardized It is scientific, accurate, intelligent and information-based to ensure the safety of tourist areas.


The intelligent people counter system of Reamol can conduct all-round real-time monitoring on the tourist footfall of the scenic spot through the wireless video visitor counter system, which can intuitively understand the number of tourist footfall the density of personnel in each scenic spot, the footfall trend of tourists in the scenic spot, etc., improve the monitoring and security capacity of the scenic spot, and ensure the safe and effective operation of the scenic spot.


People counting has many functional impacts on the operation of scenic spots:


1. visitor counting

The number of tourists in the scenic spot can be calculated in real time through the anti-human footfall counting and monitoring equipment at the check-in entrance and important entrance and exit. The number of people in the park, in the park and out of the park can be detected and uploaded to the management server. If the number of people reaches the saturation, the ticket office will be informed to stop selling tickets.

2. Hazard detection

For key safety locations, lakeside, cliff edge, forbidden area, border line, other dangerous points and other areas, it can realize the warning of line crossing, detection and alarm of smoke and fireworks, and prevent major accidents.


3. Congestion density analysis

For key areas, squares, mountain tops and scenic spots, personnel density and crowding degree in the area shall be tested, and high-density personnel shall be warned.


4. Dangerous situation monitoring

The monitoring system helps the scenic spot to strengthen the monitoring of safety conditions. By installing cameras in hot spots, it establishes a set of safety early warning mechanism for accidents such as severe weather, sudden disaster, power failure, etc., establishes emergency response plans, and improves the safety production security system and emergency rescue mechanism.


5. Emergency help

The emergency intercom help system in the park scenic area is a special system for emergency rescue provided for tourists. In case of major abnormalities and life accidents in the park scenic area, the tourists can quickly inform the park scenic area management personnel by emergency phone, and quickly find the exact location of the help person by combining with the video monitoring system, so as to provide real-time and rapid rescue and escort for the safety of tourists.


6. Broadcast alert

The public emergency broadcasting system is used by the monitoring center to detect the occurrence of abnormal situations in the park scenic area through video monitoring, such as fighting, confliction, mountain fire, etc. it can timely broadcast to the scene, deter, remind and stop the occurrence of dangerous events, guide tourists and organize rescue, and ensure the safety of facilities and life in the scenic area.


7. Integrated management

Summarize and manage the alarm point information of all events, view and display intuitively, generate various reports, set and output all alarm information to broadcast server, large screen display controller, public wechat, radio station, etc.


The elegant people counter analysis and decision making system is a dynamic monitoring and auxiliary management system for the densely populated places in the scenic spots. Through the front-end intelligent camera, the system senses the number of people passing under each camera, and provides various forms of traffic analysis tools for scenic area managers. It can not only reflect the history of the scenic spot and the current carrying and distribution of tourists, provide data support for managers to make decisions in the future, and improve operating efficiency; moreover, in terms of safety prevention, by setting footfall and stock early warning for scenic spot footfall, we can find security hidden dangers in advance, coordinate with the police to guide, and ensure the personal safety of the people in the place