How Video People Counter Improve Exhibitions Effect

- Dec 23, 2019-

Important analysis of passenger flow statistics system for large-scale exhibitions

With the development of the economy, trade between domestic and foreign regions is becoming more and more frequent, and various exhibitions will be held. For exhibition organizers, the direct criteria for measuring the success of an exhibition are the number of exhibitors and visitors, and the amount of cooperation intention.

How to improve the attraction of more exhibitors and demanders, and bring more value to both parties, is particularly important, and the visitor counting system plays an important role in this.

Comprehensive statistical analysis of Visitor Traffic

Install reamol video people counter at entrances and exits of the exhibition and in the major exhibition areas, and can control the entrance personnel of the exhibition area in real time-exit personnel = total number of stranded people, and the flow of people distributed in the major exhibition areas.

According to the real-time passenger flow of each exhibition area and each booth, the service personnel and security forces of the exhibition can be reasonably arranged to ensure the normal exhibition order and safe environment in the area.

Statistical analysis of booth passenger flow

According to the initial estimates of passenger flow and the popularity of participating brands, install passenger flow statistics equipment and analyze data in some booths. Through human footfall counting, help exhibitors improve the layout of goods and facilities in the exhibition area to attract more views.

Passenger Value Analysis

Targeted analysis of passenger counting result in different time periods and different regions, which time period, which exhibition area, and which product customers prefer, is conducive to joint exhibition exhibitors to carry out advertising and promotion activities in order to obtain more passenger traffic and intention to cooperate with customers. Exhibitors create more value.