How train station well encounters massive passengers

- Dec 18, 2019-

When a station usually encounters a large number of passengers, it is mainly concentrated on some special holidays, and it is always a very important day in our country, the Spring Festival. The Spring Festival every year seems to be a war. The pressure of huge passenger traffic has greatly increased the workload of the staff. If visitors are too large, it is easier to have dengerous events, and if vicious things such as burning, killing and robbing happen, injuries are caused. The passenger traffic will increase significantly, and the hunting for security personnel will increase. Therefore, the passenger counting and analysis equipment must be used to closely track and predict the passenger traffic at the station in order to make a plan to prevent problems before they occur.

Train Station Visitors Traffic Counting

It was around 6 pm on New Year's Day in 2010. The passenger flow of several lines of the subway company showed a rapid growth phenomenon. Among them, the subway line 3 was heavily congested. In order to effectively alleviate the traffic congestion and prevent traffic accidents due to congestion. The subway company quickly launched an emergency plan for passenger flow control on Line 3. According to the emergency response plan for a large number of passengers in the Guangzhou Metro, the staff at each station of the Guangzhou Metro Line 3 suspended passengers from entering the station, diverted passenger flow at escalators, transfer platforms, and gates, and shortened the distance traveled by the train. Congestion on the line. As the station staff effectively implemented the emergency control plan for passenger flow control, the peak passenger flow at the subway station was effectively alleviated after a large number of passenger flow shocks lasting nearly 3 hours, and there was no passenger safety accident.

(1) The emergency plan for large passengers is to effectively deal with the sudden peak passenger traffic and prevent the traffic plan caused by the peak passenger flow. During holidays, peak hours of work, and large-scale events, urban rail transit is prone to congestion. Urban rail transit enterprises should make provision for passenger traffic control in advance, formulate relevant plans, and effectively implement emergency measures at the peak of passenger flow. In this case, it was the peak of passenger traffic during the commute period during the New Year's Day holiday, which should be expected. Guangzhou Metro launched the emergency plan in a timely manner in accordance with the site conditions, and played an emergency role in the emergency plan.

(2) Facing the peak passengers situation, it is very important to take effective passenger flow control measures. Under the congestion situation of Line 3, Guangzhou Metro organized staff at all stations to enter the station by pausing passengers, effectively diverting the passenger flow, and shortening the distance traveled by trains to effectively alleviate the peak passenger flow.

(3) At the peak of passenger, the staff of urban rail transit enterprises should guide passengers at the entrances and exits of stations, gates, halls, platform stairs, escalators, and if necessary, additional staff should be dispatched to do the dredging and service work. The Guangzhou Metro staff has done a good job in their respective posts to ensure the smooth implementation of the emergency plan.

So, in order to prevent delays after the event is presented or to block everyone's travel, what preparations should be made and prepared?

(1) Subway companies should use high-tech equipment, such as professional passenger flow statistics equipment, to install at various important entrances and nodes, detect passenger flow conditions, make good predictions of passenger flow peaks, and address issues such as congestion and interchange costs during peak travel Formulate emergency plans for passenger flow, make early preparations, and implement plans based on the actual situation.

(2) The subway company should stop training employees regularly to cultivate the emergency service quality of employees under the peak passenger flow situation, and Jiaqing employees' ability to dredge large passenger flows and improve high-quality service.

(3) According to the implementation effect of the plan, the staff's reaction opinions, the passenger's complaints and suggestions, the handling method of the peak passenger flow to and from work stopped further improvement. For example, during the peak period of passenger flow, the passenger's mood generally becomes restless, and it is easy for contradictions to arise between passengers. The subway can soothe passengers' mood by broadcasting, screen notices, and reminders from platform personnel.

Do the basic work well to avoid a series of incidents caused by one incident and increase personnel injury and equipment loss.

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