​How to Prevent Loss of Customer Footfall Effectively?

- Dec 18, 2019-

How to Prevent the loss of Customer Footfall Effectively

If you have notice that footfall traffic get down much than normally by Reamol People Counting and iFootfall Analytics System, surely you need to do something correct to rescure your store business at once.  4 Good suggestions will help you to increase your footfall traffic quickly.

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1. Understand Customer Psychology

People often say "the heart is separated from the belly". You will never know what the other party is thinking. However, in a variety of retail stores, whether customers buy a certain product or not is determined by the psychological motivation of customers.

It is of great significance for retailers to find market opportunities and take corresponding measures to promote transactions by analyzing customers' purchasing psychology. Therefore, it is an important condition to study the purchasing psychology of customers carefully to do a good job in business and prevent the loss of customers.

Customers' purchasing psychology can be roughly divided into:

Rational type, price type, new type, name type, habitual type and unshaped type. In the process of operation, retailers should carefully observe and study customers' purchasing psychology, take different measures according to customers' every action, every word and deed, and different psychological types, and do a good job of service to make customers happy and satisfied.

2. Do Good Marketing

It is the key to maintain good relationship with customers and keep customers. The biggest headache for customers is that they spend money but can't buy the real and satisfactory goods. Only when they consciously refuse to sell fake and shoddy goods, don't mislead consumers, operate with integrity, do the real and true goods, behave themselves and do things honestly, can they win the trust of customers, and at the same time, they will certainly bring rich returns to retailers.

Integrity management is the basis and guarantee for gathering popularity and improving profits, and it is also an important magic weapon for retailers to make their business bigger, stronger and longer. In many cases, because of the poor quality of goods, most consumers have shifted their consumption "battlefield".

Therefore, only when retailers work hard on the quality of goods and ensure the durability, reliability and other value attributes of goods, can they gain advantages in the market, and can they really attract and retain customers.

3. Improve Service Quality

With the continuous development and deepening of market economy, the degree of commodity homogeneity is becoming more and more obvious. Nowadays, the competition among retailers is becoming more and more fierce. How can retailers improve their profitability and competitiveness? Professional supermarket management and operation of dry goods sharing platform, search "retail power" for attention.

The answer is very simple, that is to improve the service level, win customers with service, promote sales with service, and protect the market with service.

Some retailers have a weak sense of service and arrogance, resulting in the loss of some customers. As an intangible thing, service has the characteristics that are difficult to measure.

But as a retailer, we should be clear about the brand, price, quality, performance, packaging and main selling points of all kinds of goods in the store, be able to answer questions at will, and show sincerity, enthusiasm, kindness, patience and smile throughout the service process, win customers with the best service and improve sales performance.

Of course, in order to let customers buy safely and worry free, after-sales service must be done well.

4. Maintain Customer Relationship

Under the buyer's market conditions, customers determine the fate and future of a retail store, which is the most important thing for a store to survive.

Therefore, who can have more customer resources, who has more market share, who can be invincible in the fierce market competition. Therefore, we must maintain hospitality