How to Keep Safe Distancing in Normal Life

- Feb 05, 2021-

Experts warn that the public should reduce unnecessary going out in the near future. If you have to go out, you should pay more attention to keep safe distancing in crowded social occasions


Make an appointment to see a doctor, prepare the materials and questions in advance, and reduce the time of staying in the hospital.

When waiting for treatment, keep a distance of more than 1 meter from other patients, and adhere to the principle of "one doctor, one patient, one consulting room". If someone around you coughs or sneezes, it's best to avoid them.


When waiting for passengers in closed spaces such as passenger stations, railway stations and airports, in addition to keeping a distance, we should also insist on wearing masks, reducing contact with public facilities and washing hands in time.


When entering the indoor environment such as shopping malls, super markets and office buildings, it is necessary to cooperate with the staff to scan temperature measurement. Pay special attention to keep the safe social distancing at this time. We suggest buildings placed with live occupancy management system. Watchdog Electroncis live occupancy people counting camera will help you avoid crowd period. 


When dining out, try not to sit together and try to reduce the way of sitting face to face. When eating, we should avoid talking to prevent the spread of droplets.


Hold more short meetings and advocate video conference or teleconference. The sitting distance should be more than 1 meter, and the indoor air circulation should be maintained during the meeting. If there are many participants with poor ventilation, it is recommended that the participants wear masks throughout the meeting.


Elevator space is relatively small, when many people take the elevator, they should pay attention to stand separately and keep the distance as far as possible.