How to increase the footfall in Campaigns

- Dec 18, 2019-

How to increase the footfall in Campaigns

Nowadays, most of stores in shopping mall and street are women's clothing stores. Opening a women's clothing franchise has become a popular business nowadays. The most important to run a clothing store is footfall traffic and conversion rate. This requires our women's clothing store owner to make good use of the price and selling point of the clothing in the store in Campaigns.

1. Pay attention to clothing display and promotion in stores

If the location of the clothing store is not on the bustling street, the passing people have no need to purchase clothing, then the clothing display of the clothing store is very important, and the door can be put on an exaggerated unique mix, the purpose is to attract people . Brand breaks, shopping malls and counters can be hung up. In short, as long as you can attract customers to the store, you can try it.

2. Infiltration strategies at low prices

As a merchant, no matter what pricing strategy is adopted, the ultimate goal is to make money. This requires that the price must be set on the basis of cost and not lower than the cost to sell. Therefore, we must maintain the advantage of price competition, so we must start from the source and purchase directly in large quantities to reduce intermediate links and improve the efficiency of shop operations. Win at a low price.

3. Contrasting method

The people's psychological feelings about price and beauty are only known after comparison. Therefore, the main promotion of clothing should be compared and sold, when customers choose to sell clothes, put high-quality clothing next to them, let customers compare and choose. For example, when selling silk clothes, put fake silk fabrics next to them, and tell customers how to distinguish, the feel is completely different from the feeling after putting on. Even if the price is higher, people are still willing to pay a little more for it.

4. Special pricing

In response to consumer psychology of consumption, many "foreign supermarkets" like to leave a small tail on the price when setting the price. Among the products they sell, the whole number is only about 15%, and about 85% of the price of the product The mantissa is non-integer, and the odd number is the main one in the price mantissa. A product priced at 99 yuan will feel cheaper than 100 yuan, and a price of 101 yuan will feel too expensive. Compared with 99 yuan, the price seems to be a step higher. The use of psychological pricing strategies will give the impression that the overall store price is very low, thereby achieving the purpose of attracting and retaining customers.

5. Season discount method

Pricing strategy to decide whether to give a discount and how much to discount based on the product season and consumer purchase time and quantity. Many stores' "seasonal sales" fall into this category. This kind of pricing can be used not only to attract consumers, but also to effectively regulate the situation of low passenger flow in the off-season and other conditions, so that common shopfront customers are profitable.

6. Cultivate clothing knowledge and common sense

The shop owner should know some clothing knowledge and common sense. When customers see it, they will tell them how to distinguish the workmanship, fabrics, dyeing and accessories of clothing, the difference between good clothes and poor clothes, and how to match them. The more customers know about clothing, the more willing they are to buy your clothing.

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