How to increase sales by retail footfall counter system

- Dec 28, 2019-

Many store managers think that the marketing theory and retail technology are too complicated and unnecessary. However, the reality is just the opposite. The final profit of the jewelry store fails to meet the expectation formally because of the incomplete analysis of the customer footfall data. Then, as a retail store manager, how can we improve the customer footfall, transaction times and customer unit price of the store?


How to increase sales by retail footfall counter system?


1. Make statistics of passenger footfall trend and advertise in crowded places

Whether it's a new store, an old store or a large-scale promotion activity, we need to analyze the footfall direction of customer footfall around the store, use promotional posters, promotional gimmicks, DM manuals and other means to intercept advertisements in places with relatively dense traffic, and organize a variety of ways such as inviting customers to the store, so as to effectively improve the customer access rate of jewelry stores.


2. Calculation loss, lack of introspection and reduction of loss

Install the passenger footfall statistical equipment inside and outside the entrance and exit of the jewelry store to count the number of passers-by and the number of people entering the store. In turn, calculate the customer loss rate, and reflect on whether the factors that affect the passenger footfall do not enter the store cause the loss due to the unreasonable storage of commodity categories or the excessive loss rate due to the company's commodity structure and product shortage.


3. Display products reasonably based on the footfall direction of customers

After knowing the footfall direction of customer footfall, we should display new products or promotional products close to the street window with large traffic, which will attract passers-by's eyes to enter the store. We should analyze the spatial distribution of customers in combination with customer footfall, carry out reasonable commodity display, and stimulate customers' impulsive consumption behavior.


4. Carry out promotion activities based on customer footfall

Customer footfall is the standard to measure the promotion activities. However, customer footfall analysis is still an important work before the activity plan. Analyzing the period of customer footfall concentration, customer footfall attributes, customer footfall's attention to products, etc. are all the preconditions for a successful promotion activity to make profits and gather popularity.


5. The improvement of sales skills leads to the improvement of transaction rate

Through the analysis of traffic data, managers can understand the age, gender and spatial distribution of traffic, and then strengthen the sales skills of shopping guides and product matching sales. For example, if a certain group of consumers like this kind of goods, how can we make customers pay for this goods or even buy more. It is based on the in-depth analysis of passenger footfall.


6. Regional people counting analysis + sales data, optimize product quality and price.

Through the combination of spatial distribution analysis of passenger footfall and sales data, sometimes we can often see that some regions have high passenger footfall, but very low transaction rate. When customers don't pay for the bill, we need to pay attention to the quality and price of the commodity, and make appropriate adjustments in combination with the market situation to improve the transaction rate of the commodity.


7. Do well in member operation through passenger footfall data

It is an important measure to analyze the proportion of member customers, return rate, consumption habits and preferences to lock in the fixed consumer groups of jewelry industry and understand the market competition trend. Therefore, in addition to the statistics of customer footfall, jewelry stores need to analyze and discuss members.


To sum up, you will find that People Counters and analysis are very important for the operation of the store. Relying on the data collection of the vehicle planning level binocular passenger footfall statistical instrument and the analysis and processing of the intelligent business passenger footfall analysis software, Reamol iFootfall retail big data platform will help you to solve the marketing secret behind the passenger footfall data!