How Shopping Mall Count their Visitors Accurately?

- Apr 03, 2018-

As early as years ago, some developed countries and cities, such as Hongkong, Singapore, the United States, Japan and other 86% shopping centers, chain brands and shopping malls will adopt passenger counter system, relatively developed China, the market still exists a large gap, only a few enterprises with a little emphasis on commercial operation will pay attention to the demand of passenger flow counting system.

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How do you count the visitor traffic?

Whether foreign or domestic shopping malls, but will be in the important entrance of the passenger flow counter, used to independently identify and analyze the behavior direction of passenger flow. At present, China's passenger flow statistics enterprises are divided into two kinds, one is the international brand agent, the other is the local enterprise, all can realize the function of passenger flow statistics, but the accuracy rate is biased.

Why do you need to count the visitor traffic?

For retail business, "passenger flow = flow of money", customer is the largest dominant market rule, customer is the carrier of money, so scientific and effective analysis of time and space of passenger flow, and make quick and timely management decisions, become the key to success or failure in the marketing model of commercial and retail sales.

What are the benefits of visitor traffic statistics?

By counting the passenger flow of the entry, you can know the reasonable extent of the entry settings.

Through statistics of the direction of entry and exit of entry and exit, we can understand the reasonable extent of entry and exit channels.

Through the statistics of the main floor passenger flow status, the reasonable distribution of storefront is carried out.

Statistics of the attraction and bustle of each region;

Effective evaluation of the return on investment held by marketing and promotion.

According to the change of passenger flow, it is more effective to allocate property management and maintenance personnel.

Through the conversion rate of passenger flow, we can improve the service quality of shopping malls.

Through the passenger buying rate, we can improve the efficiency of marketing and promotion.

The average consumption capacity of the passenger flow population was calculated.

It determines the price level of the rent objectively, and estimates and optimizes the advertising and promotion budgets.