How Reamol Footfall Counter Improve Hotel Conference Service

- Dec 23, 2019-

Conference is the top service income for hotels. But this service meet serious competition. So hotels need to offer more attractive service to comanies so they can be chosen by company clients.  Reamol video footfall counting cameras can offer accurate people counting results at each entrance. They can working togather and directly show the final result by computer or LED screen or web browsers. It is easily for company clients to offer better service to their audiences and friends, for example.

  1. Identify standard service terms and provide quality services.

  2. According to the guest list provided by the customer, accurately understand the guest conference information.

  3. According to the change information on the go, adjust the relevant data in time.

  4. Accurate arrangements for airport pick-up, pick-up, accommodation, meals, VIP escort and conference work

  5. Arrange necessary office equipment and supplies for the convenience of guests.

  6. Accurate pick-up and drop-off of guests based on statistical time.

  7. Arrange vehicles reasonably according to the number of guests.

  8. Arrange mineral water and daily newspapers on the way to provide intimate services.

  9. Arrange on-duty vehicles to handle emergencies.

  10. Arrange sufficient gifts, drinking water, seats, etc.