How Passenger Counter Improve Shopping Mall Business

- Jan 22, 2018-

Passenger flow, logistics and financial flow are the three major success factors of the shopping center. Passenger flow is a measure tools of business management of retail industry recognized as important, because the customer is the currency of the carriers, potential buyers is also a commodity, study the traffic rules, can increase sales opportunities, they will change by the observer for shoppers, can maximize the shopping center sales potential, increase profits.

The passenger counting and flow statistics system is an important part of the management and management of the shopping center.

The modern shopping center is a multi-functional life and service center, which integrates shopping, entertainment, catering and tourism. With the rapid development of China's economy, shopping plaza has become the mainstream of China's new century.

Shopping centers are different from traditional department stores, cheap supermarkets and all-weather convenience stores. Modern shopping centers are an advanced business management mode, which requires advanced concepts and technology and skills to succeed. The design, operation and management of the modern shopping center have broken through the limitations of the traditional retail industry. In order to succeed, it must rely on ideas, strategies and technology.

The goal of the development of the shopping plaza is to pursue the maximization of the appreciation of the property and the maximization of the continued appreciation of the shop rents. More and more shopping centers adjust the proportion of self part and rental part relatively. Many shopping centers take the strategy of leasing, selling and unified management. And how to expand the management mode and concept of the maximum benefit gradually and gradually standardize it.

Passenger flow, logistics and financial flow are the three major success factors in the retail industry. The research and analysis of passenger flow, the retail industry are very concerned about things, but how to obtain accurate traffic data, it needs a passenger automatic, continuous and accurate statistics and shopping center of each entrance of passenger flow data statistics system, and through the report analysis system diversified portfolio analysis and deep mining on the passenger flow data, accurately reflect the traffic trends, to provide accurate data reference timely to customized business strategies for business management.

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  • The traffic data that can access the mall every day

  • The analysis can be carried out according to the passenger flow data

  • Analysis of passenger flow is the contrast between different time

  • Analysis of traffic - regional stores

  • Analysis of traffic to each store

  • Traffic analysis and comparison of the daily, weekly and weekly, every year

  • The POS data connection, can analyze the bag rate, sales success rate of effective data

  • The application of scientific and correct assessment of the true performance and operation of shopping malls

  • The flow line of the mall?

  • The operation and management of the mall?

  • The sales staff sales skills

  • The store management and evaluation

  • The success rate of sales

  • I go shopping malls display, decoration design is attractive?

  • The mall promotion effect?

  • The mall's gold sales peak and the peak passenger flow?

  • What time is the gold sales period?

  • The promotional activities to bring traffic and provided what is the rate?

  • I go shopping plaza traffic safety index is beyond the scope?

  • How much is the traffic on each floor...

"Retail is the details". Pay attention to the details, grasp the management from the details, and benefit from the details. Find differences from management and make progress from differences.