How Fatigue Driving Warning System Improve Fleet Safety

- Jun 02, 2020-

Fatigue driving is very harmful.

Fatigue driving is a potential traffic safety hazard worthy of our high vigilance, with high accident rate and serious consequences. According to experts, fatigue driving has the same risk as drunk driving. Suppose that a person who does not sleep for 18 hours is half drunk, and 24 hours is half drunk. When the driver is tired, he / she may have vague vision, backache, sluggish movement, distended limbs or lack of energy, slow response, incomplete consideration, mental laxity, anxiety, fidgety, etc. If the driving of vehicles is still far fetched, it may lead to the occurrence of traffic accidents. In particular, the vehicles on the highway are widely and fast. Once tired driving can not find and accurately handle the road traffic conditions in time, the harm it brings is better than the general road.

According to incomplete accounting, the expressway is tired driving accidents account for about 93% of the total traffic accidents, accounting for more than 68% of the major traffic accidents. Especially from 1:00 to 6:00 at night, fatigue driving and low-speed trekking, illegal parking interaction will easily lead to tragic dramas of vehicle damage and human death.

With the increasing number of vehicles, the passenger transport and logistics enterprises are dealing with more and more complex, and the requirements of vehicle processing are higher and higher, the traditional processing methods can not keep up with the pace of development. Intelligent processing and scheduling, the center needs to monitor the real-time driving of vehicles at any time data, orientation, pictures. After authorized by the central processing server, the relevant personnel of the monitoring and processing center can log in to the video service center through the Internet to monitor the on-site condition of each vehicle and the driver's driving condition in real time, and confirm the detailed location of the vehicle,

Conduct reasonable scheduling.

At present, with the 4G mobile Internet, Internet of things, Internet plus technology has begun to expand. It is useful to use Internet of things, 4G wireless video surveillance, Internet plus technology. It has become a trend to upload audio and video transmission and driving data on 4G wireless network. Relying on the strong technical support of the company, the "4G fatigue driving early warning system" is launched, which has functions and features unmatched by other wireless monitoring systems, and can send real-time traffic data, audio and video, driving status of the vehicle trudging back to the monitoring center.

This fully conforms to the strict requirements of mobile communication, and is a typical representative of all digital, intelligent, networked and systematic wireless monitoring system. Its main function is to be able to transmit text data, audio and video between the scene and the command center in real time, so as to advance the accuracy and timeliness of command. The amazing development of science and technology has also brought good news to all drivers and royalists! On board equipment "ADAS driving assistant system + DMS fatigue driving early warning system" can prevent more than 90% of accidents caused by fatigue driving.

Function of fatigue driving early warning system:

(1) Driver identity face recognition function: compare the driver's identity through face recognition, alarm abnormally, shoot and upload.

(2) Fatigue detection alarm function

Detect the driver's fatigue level through eye and face changes, and give an alarm

All day environment habits

(3) Identity authentication function of the driver

Face recognition center algorithm

Identification ends in 2 seconds

Functions of driver's identity registration, authentication and inquiry

Support voice prompt and report function of recognition results

(4) Monitoring function of bad driving behavior

Monitoring and reporting of yawning and fatigue driving behaviors

Monitoring and reporting of driving and calling behaviors

Monitoring and reporting of driving without safety belt

Monitoring and reporting of smoking behaviors in driving

Prompt and report when driving away from the driver's sight

Prompt and report of changing lane without turning on the turn signal

Camera blocking alarm report

Main application objects:

(1) Long distance bus, passenger bus, bus, tourist bus, business bus and other passenger transport enterprises

(2) Transport vehicles for factories, mines, tobacco, oil, medicine, food, drinks, etc., to prevent goods from being damaged, stolen, plundered, transferred, yelled and caught