How face recogntion system help smart retail

- Mar 19, 2020-

For example, retailers, hotels, airports and restaurants are now able to reach and reach consumers more dynamically than ever. This is due to technological progress in passenger footfall, from the static card to the dynamic real-time passenger footfall analysis. reasonable and effective data, targeted promotions are allowed to pass in real time.

Facial analysis system adds intelligence to digital analysis

To compete with online companies, physical retailers are adopting smart digital signage, a tool that allows them to reach customers and provide an additional personal touch. With the help of facial recognition system, digital screens can provide real-time and anonymous information on purchases in physical shops. This information allows traders to optimize customer experience and business in daily detail on the basis of current data.

With this technology, retailers can now better know who their buyers are, when they visit the shop during the day, and what products they buy. They can use this information to publish highly relevant ads on digital screens for the high-target audience. watch ads or Kanban, retailers can better understand if the content is effective.

How does facial analysis work?

The facial analysis server is connected to the webcam. When people pass the screen, the camera will capture their images and transmit them to the software. Then, the software uses the artificial intelligence algorithm to detect (by default) faces (blurred) in the lens, and analyze these faces to determine the features such as age, sex, facial expression and attention time. Then immediately discarded the video. The software only keeps the analysis output in code form.

When facial analysis system is integrated with CMS, customized content can be viewed dynamically according to the current composition of the public. This means that you can create a digital signage network, for example, if the software detects that the public is mainly women, aged between 30 and 40, can show ads for this group.


To solve the problem of the privacy of facial analysis, it is important to understand how technology works.

In facial analysis, the data collected from the camera connected to the software are completely anonymous. The software neither stores captured images nor saves any personal information about the identified person. Furthermore, it does not recognize any individual.

How to improve the experience of your customers

Increasing the commitment of customers is an important goal because customers with a high commitment are regular customers. Reamol software provides you with real-time information about the demography, interests and behavior of customers, as well as the operational understanding you need to fully attract visitors and turn them into customers. Use our facial analysis software to find out who your best customers are and optimize everything from the shelf level display to store the layout according to the behavior of your customers.