How Driving Distaraction Make So Many Accidents

- Dec 12, 2019-

The distracted driver is quietly causing an astonishing serious accident. In fact, driver distraction is the main cause of most car accidents. As an experienced traffic accident lawyer in San Diego, we deal with many car accidents caused by driver distraction or driver's inattention. Reamol AI box is designed to focus drivers attentions during driving. But drivers also need to value the driving distraction.


Here are some common driver distractions:

chat on your phone

send SMS

moving objects extending into the vehicle

looking at objects or events outside the vehicle

Learn to read

Eat food

Let's make up.


According to a study released by NHTSA and vtti, at least 80% of car accidents and 65% of nearby accidents involve driver distraction within three seconds after the accident. Crash or miss. As a result, police everywhere have begun to actively sell tickets to people engaged in distracted driving and endangering other drivers, passengers and pedestrians.


Distracted driving takes your eyes off the road

In order to drive a car safely, you must do your best. Drivers who shift their awareness (whether they are chatting on their mobile phones or texting friends) risk the lives of drivers on other roads. Distracted driving is especially dangerous because drunk driving usually occurs at night, while car accidents caused by distracted driving can occur all day. It's a terrible idea.


When you think about your behavior in the car, not just driving, you will find that they often involve more than one interference. For example, if you are replacing a radio station, not only do you release your hand from the steering wheel to press a button, but you also move your eyes away from the position of the button you want to press. In addition, drivers who are distracted more often are more likely to be involved in or close to traffic accidents.


Distracted drivers on mobile phones

The study also shows that drivers engaged in mobile phone conversation will have lower driving performance and higher degree of distraction. NHTSA and Virginia Tech researchers have even come up with accurate crash statistics on this issue:


· calling a mobile phone increases the risk of an accident or a nearby accident by 2.8 times.

· using mobile phones increases the risk of accidents or nearby accidents by 1.3 times.


Nowadays, the use of mobile phones has become so popular that we don't realize how often we use them. In the past few years, the number of mobile phones used while driving has increased so much that up to 10% of drivers are using hand-held or hands-free phones at any time of the day.


Researchers at Virginia Tech cautioned that headphones or Bluetooth phones are not necessarily safer than handsets. However, if the driver does not have to keep his eyes off the road or his hands off the steering wheel often or for a long time, the risk of voice activation is less.


Texting while driving is dangerous

Text messaging is a relatively new form of communication, so there are not many laws to prevent it from causing traffic accidents.


Research by NHTSA and Virginia Tech concluded that text messages on mobile phones were associated with the highest risk of all mobile related tasks. In fact, texting increased the risk of a crash or nearby crash by 23.2 times compared to the crash statistics of distracted drivers. The researchers even said that if texting continues to be popular and as the number of people who text frequently reaches driving age, texting while driving may cause a real crash epidemic.


Distracted driving has more influence on teenage drivers

Research shows that in dangerous situations, teenagers are more likely to engage in mobile tasks than adults, that is, texting. Studies by NHTSA and Virginia Tech show that distracted drivers are four times more likely than adults to have a crash or near crash. Given the inexperience of teenagers, when distracted teenagers drive, you will face dangerous and life-threatening situations.


Another major type of distraction is eating in the car while driving. You focus on food, not roads. Not only will there be a risk of chewing and swallowing, but also unpacking, unfolding and repacking food, reaching, tilting, spilling, wiping and cleaning yourself or your car. For a driver, these are a lot of car distractions, not to mention that reaching for things will increase the risk of accidents or nearby accidents by 1.4 times.


Prevention of car accidents by distraction


According to the study, the researchers recommended the following safe driving strategies to prevent accidents caused by distracted drivers:


drivers should always avoid text messages and cell phone dialing.

All drivers shall prohibit short message during driving.

new licensed teenage drivers should be prohibited from using all mobile phones.


The new mobile phone law came into force in California on July 1, 2008. Drivers aged 18 and over may use hands-free devices while driving, but drivers under the age of 18 may not use any type of hand-held or hands-free wireless phone while driving. If everyone follows these simple rules while driving, thousands of lives will be saved every year.