How DMS Protect Your Drivers Safety

- Jun 02, 2020-

How can the fatigue driving early warning system ensure that the system can give early warning in time when the driver appears fatigue or other dangerous behaviors.

When the image sensor continuously captures the image data frame by frame, it is transmitted to the processor module, and the processor will also preprocess and analyze each frame of image. Traffic accidents happen in a few seconds. According to research and investigation, 2 seconds early warning will reduce 92% of traffic accidents, 0.5 seconds early warning will avoid 73% of traffic accidents. Therefore, in order to achieve more accurate and rapid early warning effect, the processor's processing performance and software algorithm are required to reach a higher level. High speed hardware processing system and optimized algorithm is an important reason to ensure timely early warning.

Fatigue driving early warning system is mainly for real-time detection and judgment of the driver's fatigue state and other bad driving behaviors. When it detects that the driver's behavior will be adverse to driving safety, the system will quickly display the early warning and convey the danger signal to the driver, so as to achieve the purpose of timely correction and avoidance of accidents.

In the case of frequent traffic accidents and serious driving safety problems, based on the emergence of the driver's own fatigue driving early warning system, it will be a good guarantee for driving safety. Each driver can ensure the correctness of his own driving behavior, will better reduce the accident rate, and really achieve the good use of advanced driving assistance system.