How Bus Passenger Flow System-IPAS Analytics Works?

- Jan 22, 2018-

Generate Report on Passenger Flow Statistical Data Management Center can obtain and print various kinds of passenger flow statistical reports from GPS terminals through 3G wireless network, and carry out scientific analysis on the data such as vehicle carrying capacity, peak passenger flow and crowded sites and time , And according to the analysis results to take appropriate measures to achieve the true sense of the public transport and long-distance passenger transport intelligent management.

Bus Passenger Flow  Analysis Statistical Report Intelligent Analysis Passengers entering and exiting passengers can accurately detect the number of people and distinguish each person's mobility information in the complex environment of the car, such as analyzing the direction of passengers' inbound and outbound traffic The corresponding data is increasing and decreasing, keeping the data consistent with the actual number of passengers.

Realize wireless video monitoring Built-in 3G wireless network module and GPS module , enabling wireless video surveillance, combined with 3G mobile phones, more able to do anytime, anywhere to understand the statistical monitoring of the facts                          

Security linkage alarm Users can customize the warning level according to the regional sensitivity requirements. When the number or the vehicle exceeds the user-specified preset value, the system can automatically warn the user to start the emergency plan to avoid excessive traffic due to holidays, rush hour, etc. Caused by congestion, stampede and other incidents.

Security alarm function is to ensure the safe driving of the vehicle is a very important means through the relevant alarm sensors, which can effectively prevent the occurrence of dangerous situations, or when the alarm occurred, the first time the alarm message can be sent to Police intelligence has been quickly handled, police intelligence hazards to a minimum, to ensure the safety of personnel.

Security alarm function includes a variety of situations, the alarm is divided into the following areas:

a) ride safety alarm - when the number of passengers reached the number of people set the number of warning system, the system will automatically send a warning signal to inform the monitoring center through the 3G wireless network.

 b) When the video detection is abnormal and can not be counted - When the video image is unstable, abnormality occurs and normal counting can not be performed. Car Passenger Statistics System will then send alarm information to the monitoring center or related personnel's mobile phone via 3G / GPRS wireless network or pop up a warning screen in the relevant personnel's monitoring picture to remind the system of abnormalities.

 c) Other Alarms - The Passenger Flow Statistics System in the car can also provide multiple sets of I / O interface alarms, which can be added to other alarm sensors according to actual needs to provide more protection for vehicle safety