GPS Vehicle Monitoring System

- Aug 01, 2017-

The vehicle monitoring system composed of GIS and GPS technology can be divided into three functional modules, namely: Vehicle Terminal module, mobile communication system and monitoring Center. The GPS receiver receives the satellite signal to calculate the location data (longitude, latitude, time, speed, direction and state data, and so on, after calculation and packaging processing, the data information through the Wireless Communication Network (GPRS) sent back to the central information Gateway, the central information gateway receives from the vehicle Unit return center of the location and status data, determine the data type, the GPS positioning data, state data, Service requests, etc. according to the central service system of the vehicle units sent to the corresponding monitoring client, the monitoring client software is based on the latitude and longitude coordinates in the EPS positioning signal of the uploaded vehicle, and with the support of GIS, the information of the location and status of the vehicle is displayed in real-time on the map, which realizes the real-time monitoring and management of the vehicle.