Gaode Map offer Realtime Bus Arrival Service for Chengdu

- Sep 22, 2017-

September 22nd news, today is the world "Car Free Day", the Gaode map and Chengdu public transport group announced that the two sides have reached a deep cooperation, will launch real-time bus service.

According to the content of cooperation, the two sides based on the "Internet plus bus" framework, to achieve large data seamless docking, to provide help for the Chengdu public transportation station layout, bus route planning. At the same time, Chengdu citizens can use the Gaode map APP to obtain real-time bus information, including line information, waiting time and real-time GPS to get off the alert information, in future, it will offer realtime onboard passenger numbers after these buses install bus passenger counters later. (the best device to obtain accurate onboard passenger quantity, which improve bus fleet management and passenger experience)

In the bilateral cooperation, the high moral map will be the exclusive bus big data comprehensive application platform for Chengdu public transport research and development. The platform provides regular bus service and information release service for the people of Chengdu.

According to the introduction, the real-time bus service can help the public understand the need to take the bus arrival time, reasonable travel time planning for the public travel. It is worth mentioning that, Gaode map is also the first combination of mobile sensors, real-time GPS to get off the alert.

Gaode map related personage, in the future, Chengdu citizens in the high moral map APP, using real-time bus function, you can easily query bus information, reasonable arrangements for their travel time.

At the same time, the bus platform can display the bus station and bus line operation status based on the data, and display the bus industry data and the high moral map traffic flow characteristic data. Moreover, the platform can analyze the traffic flow and road condition based on the data of the bus industry, and analyze the rationality of the site and route arrangement through the user behavior.

"A bus from the management department can let end overall analysis of bus operation situation, one from the user end to facilitate the public to understand the real-time bus bus dynamic, reasonable allocation of transportation capacity, so as to facilitate travel." Chengdu bus related person in charge said.