FiveTechnologies of Passenger Flow Counting System

- Jan 25, 2018-

In 2014, with the rapid development of Internet, the impact of O2O, the traditional industries of the cake is more and more small. Brand stores, department stores, chain stores, in order to maintain the steady growth of sales revenue, we need to analyze and research from a basic key points, this is the customer.

The customer is not God this sentence of one hundred years, the customer is to the market consumption of the soul, running a shopping center, carefully grasp the customer number, customer spending habits, consumer preferences and other information, can be better for the mall management to provide reference for formulating marketing strategy. Now Print-Rite traffic statistics system generally has the following basic techniques: 

1. the passenger flow counting and statistics system technology high precision can be as high as 95%, two-way Statistics (in, out); can remove the wandering people; independent research and development of , shadow removal and other effects; adaptive technology, can automatically light on the environment illumination is automatically adjusted to ensure the accuracy of statistics


2. queuing detection techniques can detect the number of people in a team and the time of the crowd in the team.


3. human face recognition technology


A statistical analysis of the characteristics of sex, age, and other characteristics of the visiting customers is carried out, and the analysis and Research on the visiting customers by the auxiliary retailing industry


4. the high precision outdoor passenger flow statistics technology of outdoor passenger flow statistics technology can effectively avoid the influence of environmental factors such as light environment change and other environmental factors on the accuracy


5. crowd density detection technology can monitor crowd density of different shapes and crowds. It can set the threshold of detection. When overcrowding is considered crowd crowding, the alarm signal can be sent to the system.