Face Recolonization Help New Retails Management

- Jan 13, 2018-

During the past few years, the new retail business has started to grow rapidly from the concept proposition to the actual landing. People always say new retail, but new retail in the end where new? Some people summed up the "new consumer experience, the new management model, the new security monitoring" argument, and with the "consumer eye", "management of the eye", "Eye of Security," and its counterparts. With AI + camera platform to solve the traditional three above questions, to provide the optimal solution for store management.

New consumer experience

Choose to use depth-based face recognition technology to deal with today's new consumer experience, the three elements that affect the ability to learn in depth are algorithms, calculations, and data. Among them, as the training material data is the most important, a direct impact on the accuracy of face recognition.

Face recognition technology applied to the following three scenes.

1. Store exit, where equipped with face recognition technology camera can accurately count the number of daily passenger flow into the store, identify different groups of people, such as new and old customers, blacklist, membership recognition, but also right Staff's gender, age, facial expressions and other attributes of the classification mark. In terms of passenger flow statistics, different from the traditional motion detection technology, face recognition can eliminate erroneous data such as clerks and customers walking back and forth and provide the most accurate data for the store manager to make decisions.

2. Shop cashier, and cashier docking system can directly brush face recognition member, to achieve membership recognition spending. After the first consumer to automatically create membership, do not need to do card, do not phone number and other private information, to achieve the brush face to establish a new member. Combination of multi-payment platform, through the brush face to complete the payment link, face payment.

3. In the case of visiting the store, you can automatically identify members of the consumer spending preferences data push to Purchasing Guide. You can also count the order of users into the store after the region. You can also check the length of stay and length of stay of users in each area. These data can help store optimization services and goods display.

The "Eye" of Management - A New Management Model

1. Daily patrol, in the traditional case, the need for regional manager to shop patrol shop, on-site guidance, inefficient, costly. The use of software users Lucy off, you can use the camera to achieve the use of mobile phones or PCs to view stores across the country, but also with the store for voice interaction, store information isolated island ills.

2. Online event center, in the past when the store needs rectification problems often need to escalate, approval process is cumbersome. The event center feature, which was created by U-Touch, handles all the problems online, looks through the processing stages, approves approvals faster and processes shorter. And afterwards, statistics can also count the types and quantities of various incidents and conduct targeted solutions.

3. Store evaluation, the traditional appraisal stores need to shop scoring, often one day can not evaluate a few stores, but also encounter the test results are not true and so on, the difference is that you can assess the use of long-range video remote inspection of the country's Store, found that the problem screenshots copied to the manager, not only greatly improve the efficiency and reduce costs, but also retain the evaluation evidence to avoid disputes.

4. Off-grid inspection, the past store inspection staff need to spend a lot of manpower, and take up time. Youluo target this phenomenon, the use of human identification technology to determine whether the staff on duty, once the surveillance area will leave the post will automatically push the message to the management staff. Eliminate the inspection staff a lot of time and improve management efficiency.

Safety "eyes" - new safety monitoring

The use of human detection technology to solve the original motion detection often higher false alarm rate. And tested, the detection accuracy up to 99.8%, so that store managers can accurately determine the store situation, not afraid of being the phenomenon of false positives annoyed by the situation.

To sum up, it is the basic enterprise value for retail enterprises to solve the most basic needs of security and provide the demand for the management and optimization of the upgrade. Finally, the ultimate need for unmanned store management is realized.