Exhibtion Visitor Counter Solutions

- Apr 08, 2020-

For the exhibition, the museum provides professional visitor traffic management solutions. It adopts internationally advanced high-precision people counting instruments with an accuracy of more than 98%.

1) Accurate counting and statistics of total passenger flow;

2) Statistics on the number of people staying in the place, and the average residence time;

3) Changes in passenger flow and average passenger flow within the venue;

4) Can provide intuitive entrance and exit passenger flow information and real-time dynamic situation;

5) Control the flow of passengers in the library. If special circumstances occur, staffing will be provided to guide the situation as soon as possible to effectively relieve the pressure on the passenger flow in the library;

6) Assist venue management personnel to grasp real-time passenger flow and changing trends from a macro perspective;

7) Reasonably arrange the tour route, effectively guarantee the normal venue visit order;

8) In the exhibition hall with large passenger flow, timely feedback on the amount of passenger flow in the hall;

9) Other parameters related to passenger flow;

mall Footfall people counter