Bus passenger flow automatic statistics system solution

- Nov 06, 2018-

Bus passenger flow automatic statistics system solution

The people counter (passenger counter) is an information detection and management system that automatically, intelligently and accurately collects passenger traffic on and off the bus, traffic statistics at each site, and statistical analysis of vehicle operations. As the owner and manager of public transportation, real-time, clear and accurate passenger traffic statistics are needed as the basis for planning, vehicle scheduling and operation management. Therefore, it is necessary to have corresponding hardware and software equipment for passenger flow statistics and operation analysis system.

For support. Auto Watchdog people counter (passenger counter) is an effective method for passenger traffic statistics and evaluation. It is used to detect the number of passengers at each station of the bus line, analyze the number of passengers in the train and the number of passengers getting on and off at a specific time, and obtain the direction and quantity of passenger flow. The efficiency of the operation and management of public transportation. Unlike the pedal-type passenger flow detection method, the Auto Watchdog people counter (passenger counter) system uses internationally-used optoelectronic technology to achieve passenger flow collection. During the entire statistical process, the sensor has no contact with the passengers, and there is no sensor wear and aging, which does not require Regular wear and maintenance, the statistical accuracy of the peak period is 92%-100%, and the passenger flow peak has more than 80% statistical accuracy. The successful application of YWA-GK traffic statistics system is the operation analysis of public transportation

Idea, passenger flow planning, scheduling, management Technology provides the most practical and feasible scientific solution. Since 2004, the Auto Watchdog people counter (passenger counter) system has been put into mass use in Shanghai, Shenzhen, Foshan, Xiamen, Wuhan, Fuzhou and Shenyang, and has established cooperative relationships with more than 20 domestic intelligent transportation providers. The only provider of passenger flow statistics systems with extensive experience.

The Auto Watchdog people counter (passenger counter) system consists of a passenger flow sensor, a passenger flow processor, a door signal switch, a signal transfer box, and a signal cable. When the door signal switch detects that the bus door is open, the passenger flow processor statistics function is automatically started, and the passenger flow processor starts to collect the original data of the passenger flow sensor, and the built-in three microprocessors perform the passenger flow algorithm calculation and transmit through the RS232 standard interface (or RS485). The method exchanges data with other vehicle-mounted terminals (such as vehicle-mounted GPS terminals, vehicle-mounted monitoring terminals, and vehicle-mounted POS machines) to realize the function of increasing passenger flow statistics in the vehicle-mounted terminal.

Auto Watchdog people counter (passenger counter) statistical system In addition to providing data exchange functions for third-party devices, it is also possible to externally complete different traffic modules to complete passenger traffic statistics:

1. Auto Watchdog people counter (passenger counter) system After adding the display module, the LCD can be used directly on the bus to display the current passenger flow;

2, Auto Watchdog people counter (passenger counter) system After adding the storage module, you can save the arrival time and traffic data of each station of the bus on the mobile

On the U disk, the data in the U disk can be read by the management software to form a passenger flow information report of the bus site.

3. Auto Watchdog people counter (passenger counter) system After the wireless transmission module is added, the bus traffic total station (the terminal station dispatching room) can be automatically transmitted to the management server.