How do clothing stores increase customer traffic and turnover rates?

- Nov 02, 2018-

How do clothing stores increase customer traffic and turnover rates? (people counter, passenger counter, face recognition instrument)

Boss Wang used to be a low-end women's wearer. Now he is joining a mid-to-high-end women's wear brand. The location is located in the local shopping mall Wanke Plaza, which has a good flow of traffic, but the store's profit is always up.

As the head of the contract planning company at the headquarters, I was invited to the store of Wang Bo to solve the sales problem. After several days of visits, I found that the same city is located.

Positioning and Wanke Square similar to the X X Plaza, models and price grades, and brands

The well-known women's rival brand, the sales are good, indicating that the model and price are not a problem.

Wan X Square as the local mainstream shopping district shopping mall, the flow of people is naturally good, since the model, price, and external flow is not a problem, I made my

Solution, increase sales = increase in-store volume × increase turnover rate.

1, passenger flow improvement method (people counter, passenger counter, face recognition instrument)

The window is often changed: the freshness of the window is kept on the customer, and it is changed every Friday. Because the Saturday and Sunday are the peak sales period, the customer feels that the store has new products at any time.

The new product is released on the shelves: the poster frame at the door, often replacing the photo posters on the shelves at the door, keeping the old customers' freshness on the store and increasing the frequency of their visits.

Member conversion and accumulation: SMS to 20% of the 3,000 members of the previous low-end clothing stores to inform the new store to open, new shelves information;

At the same time, all purchase customers who come to the store in 3 months are ordinary members, record the name and mobile phone.

Joint promotion: Use local relationships to find other women's bags and women's shoes stores, and jointly promote and use each other's passenger flow.

2, the rate increase method (people counter, passenger counter, face recognition instrument)

Increase in running volume: Introduce some old discounted items.

The increase of supporting products: therefore, some matching seasonal products can be put on shelves in Nakajima, such as scarves and scarves.

Seat increase: increase the seat so that the selected customer can sit down and

Provide services such as disc hair, increase the time for customers in the store, and increase the popularity of the store.