Reasons for low supermarket traffic

- Oct 26, 2018-

Reasons for low supermarket traffic

With the intensification of domestic retail competition, many enterprises have been ruthlessly eliminated from the market. Survival and development are the most headaches facing private supermarkets. Many supermarket owners are asking questions. Where is the problem? Why is our store operating?

Such a difference. The root cause is that these stores are all problem stores, and only the root cause of the problem can be analyzed. I think that in China, most of the problem stores are stores with lower customer price, less passenger flow and lower sales efficiency.

After delineating a problematic supermarket store, it is necessary to see what measures should be taken to improve the management of the store. Improve business performance. The factors affecting the traffic of supermarkets have the following factors: "The reason for the low passenger traffic in supermarkets"

1. Intuitive appeal of supermarket stores (decoration, signboards, lighting, cleanliness, cleanliness, etc.). A store, if the facade is very worn, the lights are dim, the store is in a mess, and the surrounding couples shop decoration is no different, for the customer, I feel that where to buy things, why bother to your store? Moreover, the image The pleasing pleasing itself has a strong visual impact and has a direct guiding effect for the customer.

2. There are problems with the way the supermarket stores display their products and the store layout. Convenience store is a fast-moving and customer-selected product

The format of the product, if the product configuration is not suitable, the customer can not find or find the goods that are needed, and there are problems in the path of the channel, causing trouble for the customer to shop, then the chance of the customer coming back for the second time is very small. Which products should be placed in the right place, this is the first question to consider when laying out the layout. Moreover, after the store is open, the responsibility of the store is to provide information on consumption habits and customer opinions to the company at any time, so that the company can make timely adjustments. This is a very important factor affecting the passenger flow of the store. The supervision department should be on the tour. At the time of the store, it was highly valued. In addition, the specification of the hanging items of the store is also an aspect of the display layout, which is also an important means to distinguish from the general store.

3, supermarket store goods can not be marketable. If you don't understand the customer's needs, you will be able to shop for goods, and the customers will not have the goods. If you don't need to flood the entire store, it is not surprising that customers don't come to the door. This is mainly due to the lack of investigation into consumer demand and the surrounding environment. In the early stage, it was a factor of wishful thinking in the Commodity Department and the Distribution Center. In the later period, it was the result of poor door-to-door business and poor supervision.

4. There is a problem with the fullness of the supermarket store goods, and the empty shelf rate is high. For the store with rich merchandise display, even if the display is chaotic, the customer's feeling is: This store is very rich and complete, and definitely has what I want. And the customer enters the store to see

There is also a shortage of goods on this shelf. The shelf is empty. The first feeling is: There is nothing in this store. I don’t buy it. I won’t come next time. The occurrence of this problem has a great relationship with the quality of the store manager. It is impossible to pass the order to the distribution center in time. When the goods are sold out, they think of the order, and the empty frame is inevitable. Of course, the responsibility of supervision is also greater.

The other is the distribution efficiency problem of the distribution center. The goods that the store wants are not allocated in time, and the goods required by the store cannot be matched due to lack of goods.

It will also lead to empty shelves in the store.

5. The price of supermarket stores is unreasonable. We all agree that price is not the main problem of convenience store competition, but the specific problem

To be analyzed. For the stores in the old residential areas, because of the low standard of living, the old-fashioned old ladies who want to take advantage of the cheap, if you want to pursue high gross profit, sales will not come.

6. The service attitude, service level and quality of the supermarket store staff have problems. Poor quality of employees, unfamiliar with goods, no

Knowing the company's rules and regulations and other factors can lead to customer dissatisfaction, complaints, and even complaints about employee services. It will cause a reputational blow to the company, and poor handling will lead to a gradual loss of customers. No one is perfect, and a perfect company has a service.

At the time of the question, this is also a question that managers have been scratching their heads. The key lies in whether the human resources policy of the enterprise is perfect and whether the manpower preparation is sufficient. If a training is not attended or if any employee with no service experience is sent to the store,

It’s strange to not have problems. The aftermath of the reinstatement must also be timely and cannot be delayed. The supervisory department must strictly deal with these problems, otherwise it will have an overall impact.

7. The mentality of the work of the supermarket store staff is problematic. Sometimes, due to salary issues, employee quality issues (such as internal thieves, cashiers unusual cash register), uncoordinated relationships between employees, the ability of the store manager and frequent mobilization, etc., the employee's mentality will be abnormal.

The result is a problem with the staff's services. Under such circumstances, if the investigation is not carried out in time, the sales of the store will plummet.

8. There is a problem with the affinity of the supermarket store staff. This is a question of marketing means. In the affinity, some store employees do

It has to be in place, because there are more acquaintances in the store, even if they are unfamiliar customers, they are basically used to dealing with them with some kind words, so that customers agree with the store. This method is a common method used by couples and stores, and it is also a very important reason why the regular army does not win the miscellaneous army. Training and education in this area should be strengthened at any time to allow employees to form habits.