Demand analysis of the application of Mobile WiFi system

- Dec 16, 2017-

With the growth of vehicle usage ratio, the demand for WIFI coverage, multimedia terminals, Internet services and vehicle video surveillance is increasing significantly in mobile environments such as China Mobile, China Unicom and Telecom, under the mobile Internet environment such as China Mobile, Unicom and Telecom.

The following will give you an analysis of the application requirements of the vehicle WiFi system.

Vehicle Mobile WiFi Router

1. Consideration of building a bus 4G mobile hot spot

1) to make use of the advantages of China's 4G network and provide more value-added services.

2), the mobility of bus workers is great, and it plays a good role in brand publicity.

3), small investment, quick effect, can play with the 4G mobile Internet service complementary propaganda

4), it is easy to carry out new business operation, such as bus mobile media, etc.

2, the key demand analysis of 4G mobile hotspots. The overall structure of 4G mobile hotspots is simple, but because devices are located in the mobile environment such as buses, we need to consider more stability, reliability and manageability. network

1) the stability of network connection: there are many unpredictable factors in the stability of 4G wireless connection under mobile environment, such as environmental occlusion, temporary network switching, base station switching and base station overload. It is necessary to provide good signal reception and network switching capability as far as possible.

2), the reliability of the equipment: the device is placed on the bus, and its power supply, aseismatic, heat resistant, operational stability and other physical protection capabilities all need higher level and better adaptability. For example, the power requirements can not be too high, and the ability of anti static and physical destruction needs to reach a certain level. It can work normally under a bumpy environment, and can tolerate high or low ambient temperature, providing better operation stability.

3), network manageability: because the location of the hotspots is changing at any time, and can not be managed by ordinary network topology. Once a failure occurs, the difficulty of on-site maintenance is very high, so there must be a coordinated management system. Management should have the ability of location and remote management, and it should be able to manage and operate devices through SMS, so as to reduce the frequency of on-site maintenance, and operate at the same time when the data network is out of line.

4), step by step: 4G mobile hotspot is a part of the bus scheme, the whole system can provide WIFI coverage, including media push, video monitoring functions of three parts, involving 4G Internet, WIFI Internet, Ethernet interconnection network connection, so the bus terminal side, should be able to provide 4G mobile hotspot step by step, which can provide WIFI coverage in the integration of the terminal, but also can according to the needs, provide independent separation products.

Vehicle Mobile WiFi

3. The concrete needs of the overall project construction

1), the use of 4G as a wide area network line;

2), WIFI can cover the bus and provide all kinds of terminal access to the Internet.

Now the car WiFi has entered a family of half, and the demand for the future will only increase.