Current Shenzhen Taxi Information Management System

- Dec 09, 2017-

Current Situation of Taxi Vehicle Equipments

GPS Tracker

from the beginning of 2004, Shenzhen city has installed a taxi car GPS terminal, currently more than 90% of the taxis are installed GPS terminal, including Shenzhen wisdom Shanghai fleety about 5000 units, about 4500 units, about 2500 units, Shenzhen Seg, hearing about 1000. Basically all GPS devices have GPS positioning and GPRS data transmission, display screen and other functions, of which more than 500 also have mobile video recorder. But at present, there are many problems in GPS terminal, such as single function (only positioning function), ununiform standard, and widespread problem of equipment aging. So, since 2011, the original GPS terminal will be gradually upgraded to an intelligent service terminal with the above functions. In this project, the renovation will be completed 5000 units of the vehicle terminal, the remaining 9800 taxi, in the completion of the project, using the opportunity to update vehicle (currently updated annually more than 3000 units), with about 3 years to complete the renovation of all vehicle equipment.

Taxi Meter 

14800 taxis in Shenzhen are all equipped with a meter: Shenzhen Di fly more than 10000 Taiwan, the new Shanghai: more than 2000, Guangzhou eight more than 1000. Basic functions include pricing, printing invoices, operating data interfaces, and so on. This project will reuse the existing meter equipment, but according to the needs of this project, the meter should accept various instructions from the intelligent service terminal, and achieve various functions, so we need to upgrade the meter.

The status quo of network and hardware and software

The status quo of the network

Relying on the government of the municipal government and the Ministry of internal and external transportation network, combined with the commercial channel (channel leased telecommunications and Mobile Corporation), the Shenzhen Municipal Transportation Commission has been basically completed 31 Units of the backbone network coverage. It has realized interoperability with other more than 30 units, such as other government departments, enterprises and traffic stations, and the bandwidth of the special line of the Transport Committee to the passenger transport bureau is 20M.

The current situation of business application system

The taxi related management system includes:

A, GPS comprehensive supervision platform

The GPS comprehensive supervision platform for the transportation industry of Shenzhen began to be built in 2009, and it began to run in July 2010. Relying on the construction of e-government system, B/S architecture, including a database server 2, application server 1, server 6, use the object as the passenger traffic management bureau and the Commission of the relevant business offices, system maintenance by the intelligence center. The system mainly implements real-time supervision of the whole city taxi, "two passengers and one danger" and other operational vehicles. Now it has achieved the access of 14800 taxis in Shenzhen, and provides real-time monitoring. Its main functions are:

  • taxi real-time monitoring and tracking: on the electronic map, the real-time view of the vehicle location, speed and other information;

  • Vehicle track replay: replay vehicle trajectory in the past period of time;

  • taxi real-time (History) online rate statistics;

  • Taxi reporting frequency statistics;

  • Taxi overspeed management;

  • taxi command (message, cut off power, single monitor) and so on.

The existing GPS monitoring platform, only the positioning data upload, operation data of vehicles by a simple summary, lack of data analysis, data, voice, image and warning information acquisition ability, can not grasp the operating conditions and the dynamic of the driver, the driver outside the enterprise and government supervision. At the same time, the existing GPS monitoring platform for there is a certain gap between the efficiency and stability of the management and service of the taxi industry, the existing GPS integrated monitoring platform in addition to taxi monitoring, including passenger transport, dangerous goods transport vehicles, a total of about 60 thousand vehicles, the vehicle number, the platform can not meet the taxi management and service efficiency requirements; due to the existing GPS integrated monitoring platform deployed in the transportation, the transportation department through the network remote access system, the stability of the system by the network influence. In view of the above problems, the service management information system for the taxi industry in Shenzhen is built in the passenger transport bureau.

B, transportation system

The construction relies on Shenzhen municipal transport system, e-government network ministries run on the line in October 2006, a total of 1 units, including database server, application server 1 database backup server 1, system architecture for B/S, primarily for passenger traffic management bureau.

The system of the taxi industry and the vehicle (divided into "red" and "green"), car license plate and driver management, index. At the same time, covering the post qualification examination, taxi license application, star rating process management and the taxi industry and the vehicle license, the driver, index, data query, data exchange and statistics; the administrative law enforcement, security management, complaint management, public security department data.

The establishment of exchange and transport system data to this project, the basic data extraction, taxi practitioners, enterprises from the transportation system.

C and taxi driver permit management system

In March 2006, the taxi driver license management system in Shenzhen is mainly built on the government extranet. There are 1 database servers. The system is C/S architecture, and the main object is the passenger traffic administration.

The system can print and distribute IC cards for employees who have obtained taxi drivers' qualifications, so that passengers can understand the service staff when they travel.

This project will achieve taxi driver's license, IC card qualification certificate and driver's attendance card "three cards in one", so taxi driver license management system will no longer be used.

D, the employee examination system

A taxi driver in Shenzhen city in November 2004 launched to mainly rely on local area network construction permit management system training center, the database and application service software installed in 1 laptop computer, C/S system architecture, designed primarily for the passenger traffic management bureau.

The Shenzhen passenger transport administration uses the system to carry out paperless examinations for two categories of qualifications for taxis and passenger transport (big guest). After the system checks the information of the examinees, the system is randomly selected, and the taxi practitioners will give the exam results immediately after the examination is completed. The system includes the function of question bank management, test paper management, personnel management and so on. The examination data of more than 10 thousand students are available.

This project needs to establish data exchange with the employee examination system, and extract the data from the employee examination system from the employee examination system.

E, GPS monitoring platform for taxi enterprises

At present, more than 90% of the Shenzhen city taxi installed GPS terminal, which part of the taxi business, for example, South Africa, West Lake, Yunfa anda few other companies have built GPS monitoring platform, the taxi enterprise GPS monitoring platform for enterprise management to monitor the entire process, real-time display the location of the vehicle, and can track playback of vehicle parking, location, parking time and running speed of GPS, the monitoring center of the taxi dispatch management, personnel management, control team, effectively reduce the cost, increase income and improve the safety of people and vehicles, providing a higher level of service for the society.

We need to establish data exchange with taxi enterprises GPS monitoring platform, get all kinds of data such as vehicle location and other related data through the enterprise platform, and issue call commands.

F, taxi ehailing website

In order to understand taxi management policies and information timely, taxi operators and practitioners will publish information about taxi management regulations, enterprises and practitioners' needs on the taxi website.

It is necessary to establish data exchange with taxi websites, and to provide taxi - related data to drivers and the public through the website.

G and intelligent transportation "1+6" system

Shenzhen city by Shenzhen intelligent transportation system (a) project (hereinafter referred to as "1+6" system) construction, in the traffic information acquisition, traffic control, industry management, operation command and information services and other aspects of the formation of the practical application of the system effect and wide application, preliminary build the domestic first-class city intelligent transportation system.

"1" is a big platform which integrates all the information of traffic, traffic police and all aspects of sea, land and air to form resources sharing. Using this platform, we can provide services for 6 aspects: first, traffic monitoring system, all road information real-time monitoring, including expressway, expressway, bus and other aspects will establish real-time monitoring system. The two is the traffic management system. The three is the road traffic control system. The four is the public travel information service system, which releases the traffic information to the citizens in real time, guides the citizens to travel and travel, and provides the information of the big parking lot. This information can be obtained through mobile phone, Internet, radio, CCTV, GPS and so on. The five is the traffic command and emergency system. The six is the decision support system of traffic management.

The information system of taxi service management will combine with the construction requirements of the "1+6" system to achieve data exchange and sharing with the "1+6" system.

The status of data resources

Through the construction of the Shenzhen municipal transport system, personnel examination system, the taxi has been basically completed the basic database, including:

A, the taxi enterprise name, the name of the person in charge, telephone number, where the enterprise administrative division, enterprise type, business qualifications, annual inspection, business, business households households investment information etc..

B, taxi vehicle basic data: vehicle basic information, vehicle transaction information, vehicle discarding transfer information, vehicle violation information, vehicle punishment information, vehicle two level maintenance information.

C, taxi practitioners basic data: staff basic information, photos, qualification category, qualification certificate, licensing date employees annual information etc..

In addition, through the construction of Shenzhen traffic information platform (phase I), we have completed the collection and storage of 1:2000 digital map data of 1:5000 and Shenzhen in Guangdong province.

In the process of construction, we will fully integrate the existing renting basic database and GIS database, and achieve data exchange and sharing through the data exchange and sharing platform built by "1+6" project.