Cross-Stores Marketing Quickly Attract Popularity and Footfall

- Dec 18, 2019-

How Women's Clothing Stores Effectively Attract Popularity and Footfall

Nowadays, it is difficult for women's women's physical stores to obtain customers. Many women's women's store owners feel that their business is unsatisfactory. They are thinking of various ways to attract customers, such as limited time spike activities, free group activities, and so on. 

If you want to get more traffic quickly, cross-industry cooperation is also a good coup. But what to do? Many shopkeepers have no clue in this regard. In fact, inter-industry cooperation is not difficult, as long as you master these three steps.

Cross stores marketing to attract footfalls

1. Find the right partner store

The first step in cooperating with different industries is definitely to find a suitable cooperative store. The owner can find partners in the upstream and downstream of the store's products and stores of related products, and can also find partners in the different industry stores where customers often spend.

For example, a beauty store operates women's cosmetics. The customers in the store are mainly women who love beauty. They often go to beauty salons for consumption. Then beauty stores can find beauty stores to do cross-industry cooperation. Similarly, beauty stores can also find women's clothing stores for cross-industry cooperation.

Therefore, for women's clothing stores, customers who buy clothes must be beautiful, so you can choose a flower shop, a nail shop, a coffee shop, or even a dessert shop to make the whole store fuller and more attractive. .

If your store is surrounded by fresh flowers and green plants, then I believe that female friends who pass by will be attracted to stop for a while.

At this time, if you successfully guide and do some small activities such as buying flowers and giving clothes, or buying clothes and giving flowers, it will surely arouse his interest and go into the store to buy.

2. Determine the way of Cross-Stores Cooperation

The cooperation modes of inter-industry cooperation are as follows:

  • Resource exchange

  • Resource replacement is the exchange of products and other resources between stores, such as store exchange coupons. This is a propaganda mode for the partners. The key is to increase the exposure of their stores and use the trust of the other party's customers to attract new user groups.

  • Mutual push drainage

  • Mutual referral and drainage is the process of recommending passenger flow to each other, so that the passenger flow of both parties can be improved.

  • For example, for example, two adjacent clothing stores make clothes for fashionable women aged 20 to 35. When your customers try for a long time and do not find the clothes they want, and they have fixed requirements for the clothes they want, you can Referrals to the next store to help you choose.

  • This will not only bring traffic to the neighbor, but also make the customer have a particularly good impression, let him meditate in his heart: Wow, the relationship between these two stores is so good, it seems that the people are good, the business is also good, the next Also come to visit ~

  • As a result, customers and customers have passed word of mouth to each other, and the overall passenger flow has come up. For both, it must be a long-term cooperation and a win-win situation.

  • Help with consignment and profit

  • This form is to make one store become another store's distributor or mutual distributor. The distributor helps to distribute products or distribute coupons, and customers can spend successfully to get a profit share.

  • This is well understood, that is, a part of your clothes is sold in my house, and a part of my clothes is sold in your house, and the reasonable allocation is finally divided.

  • Of course, you need to grasp the cost, inventory, and matching of the product in advance. If the two stores have different clothing accessories, you can also put the accessories in the other store to sell on their behalf.

  • Give away for free

  • Free gift is to come up with a product for the cooperative store as a gift to customers, thereby guiding the customers of the cooperative store to spend from home.

  • The free gift here can be your own T-shirt, a free cup of coffee, a beautiful and delicious donut, or a bottle of aromatic hydroponic flowers.

  • In short, as long as your main purpose is to obtain passenger flow, you must make the action larger. On the surface, free gifts will lose part of the money, but behind the large passenger flow will definitely bring other considerable benefits to the store.

3. Determine joint sales methods and benefit distribution

The reason why many inter-industry cooperation did not work out in the end was that there was a problem with the write-off method and the distribution of benefits. Because the cooperation is fundamentally profitable, if the profit distribution between the partners is not clear, the cooperation must not last.

Therefore, an accurate write-off method and the distribution of benefits are very important, and the rules of the game must be set before the two parties cooperate.

After completing these steps, you can basically find ways to implement inter-industry cooperation.

Of course, after the shop owner launches cross-industry cooperation, he must carefully observe the effect of the cooperation, and adjust the cooperation method in time according to the effect, so that the cross-industry cooperation can truly increase the turnover of the store.

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For large industries, brand cross-border and new product co-branding are not new, but for traditional clothing retail, cross-industry cooperation also requires customers to adapt.

But as long as you are willing to take the time to study and study marketing skills, you will definitely open your horizons and take you into another broader and more future market.