Commercial Value of Passenger Flow Counting and Statistical Analysis

- Jan 25, 2018-

If you want to run a shop to make a profit, first of all to know who your guest is? The analysis of passenger flow is the foundation and the most difficult step. Before analyzing passenger flow statistics, we have to distinguish a concept. If the number of calculations is purely calculated, the counting of foundation can be realized. 

New technologies will continue to emerge, mainly due to new demands and breakthroughs in the statistics and analysis of passenger flow quality. The basic dimensions of the so-called passenger flow quality, namely, activity, visiting period, staying time and so on, if we go up to the level of big data analysis, we should also analyze the consumers' portraits of customers' gender, age, purchasing power, consumption habits and consumption stages.  

Retail operation circle there is a saying: traffic analysis is not done well, no money to run the shop! How to do to help the traffic statistics operation?

Popular Passenger Counter Types

Currently on the market mainstream technology to realize traffic statistics and the advantages and disadvantages are as follows:

1, the manual counter stood in front of the shop manual counting clerk, security, supervision; 

  • Advantages: the cost is low, can store a single stack of artificial judgment standard. 

  • Disadvantages: counting error, many stores are high cost, single data output, data synchronization, data reporting high cost, poor flexibility, application of small space.  

2 gate, pressure pedal, in store setting of the entrance gate, pedal pressure; 

  • Advantages: accurate count and low implementation cost.  

  • Disadvantages: setting the gate customer experience is poor, single data, low value, unable to realize the synchronization of multi store.   

3, infrared detector, infrared emitter settings in the store must pass through the channel, with a pedestrian barrier infrared number statistics; 

  • Advantages:  simple implementation, low cost and mature technology.  

  • Disadvantages: single data, low accuracy and low value data, no other purpose.  

4, video statistics, analysis of algorithms identify facial features or other typical human head count by the video camera collection information;

  • Advantages: simple implementation, high equipment reliability, accurate counting, can make a comprehensive analysis by gender, age, bag rate, passenger import rate, can remotely view real-time multi store traffic, support cloud platform, data rich function, great help for operation.  

  • Disadvantages: unable to identify new and old customers.  

5, Wi-Fi probe, store the deployment of Wi-Fi networks, open Wi-Fi function to obtain the address of the MAC mobile phone, the mobile terminal number of statistics is strictly;

  • Advantages: simple implementation, high penetration rate, Wi-Fi network can reach users, identification of new and old customers, support cloud platform, application layer data can be extended to marketing.  

  • Disadvantages: inaccurate counting (70% opening rate).

Conclusionly, the most reliable method is video people counter.