City Bus and Coach Passenger Counter

- Dec 23, 2019-

Reamol Intelligent vehicle passenger counter system uses on-board intelligent video passenger counter technology, integrated intelligent video population statistics algorithm, 9-36V wide dynamic power supply, shock-proof structure; 3G module (optional) to achieve wireless network transmission; GPS module (optional) facilitates Vehicle positioning and tracking management. It is mainly used for real-time monitoring and video recording of the situation in the car, to achieve effective statistics on the number of people in the car and the flow of passengers on and off the bus, and to generate data reports. Through these accurate data, you can understand the flow of people in each time period, each bus, each station, etc. Use these data to play an intelligent dispatching system to make full use of public resources.

The intelligent bus and coach passenger counter system mainly includes the following aspects: Categories and Destination Statistics of Long Distance Passengers, Passenger statistics, When the number of people or the vehicle exceeds the preset limit value, the system can automatically warn and prompt the user to start an emergency plan (such as overload, congestion, pedaling). The passenger flow status of each vehicle can be counted according to the cycle of time, day, week, month, quarter, year, etc.   And provide change trend analysis and comparison function

  • Prevent passengers from evading tickets and corruption of passengers and passengers

  • Line capacity and capacity statistics

  • Transportation capacity and actual traffic statistics

  • Holiday passenger flow statistics

  • Passenger flow statistics records query or statistical analysis results generated reports can be exported to Excel files or printed

  • In addition, users can designate to monitor the entrance or exit of one or more vehicles as required, and can also specify the statistics of crowd movement in one direction or two directions.

  • According to the needs of customers, this system can generate statistics or upload reports to other business management software.

    Bus Passenger Counter for City Bus and Small Bs