Chain Store Placed 3D People Counter to Grap Rapid Higher Customers

- Dec 25, 2017-

Chain Stores is a business type that is most dependent on passenger flow as a  new retail mode. It is no exaggeration to say that passenger traffic is an important factor that affects the survival and development of chain stores. Whether it's a chain store or a chain convenience store, it is not only the sales data but also the customers who directly influence the sales data. Therefore, the role of passenger traffic statistics in chain stores is not only as simple as statistics of passenger traffic, but more accurate marketing through mining behind the backside.

3D Customers/ People Counter

The important factors that affect the passenger flow of chain stores, the rate of carrying bags and the price of the customers are:

1. to analyze the business circle of the store, clear its own positioning and target customer group;

Whether the image, attraction and visual impact of the 2. stores have direct guidance to the customers.

3. goods to ensure adequate inventory, timely supply of goods, to avoid customer needs can not meet the phenomenon;

4. staff sales staff's service attitude, service level, sales ability and marketing skills directly affect the bag rate;

5. advertising use pop posters and store product publicity to achieve the goal of increasing sales.

6. promote regular or unscheduled discounts, gifts and other preferential activities to attract customers;

7. display commodity shelves according to the shopping habits of consumer groups, and attract customers' vision to achieve transformation.

8. other strategies such as the use of value-added services and the linkage of members, turn the "passenger flow" into "loyal customers".

Customers/Passenger Flow Statistic System

The effect of passenger flow statistics system on chain stores:

1., before the location of stores is opened in stores, the analysis of the volume of passenger flow in the business area by the passenger flow statistics depends on the direct influence of the later stage business, and also indirectly evaluate the rental level of the stores.

2. the daily average passenger flow of the customer group is counted and the age, sex and ethnic group are analyzed and identified, and the main object of the shop is determined indirectly.

3. of the display of goods through the passenger line, hot goods by the customer groups concerned about the heat, adjust the display of goods shelves most likely improve joint rate;

4. the evaluation of the activities through the sales data, the passenger flow data and in-depth analysis of the effect of the activity to achieve the expected plan;

5. to evaluate the employees' performance records using the passenger flow statistics system to assess whether the employees directly affect the performance effect.

6., we should use mobile phone APP to bind multiple stores to store evaluation, and we can compare each store's performance, traffic volume, transaction rate, customer price and so on.

7. passenger flow analysis of passenger flow statistics and analysis of historical data, to understand the peak passenger flow time and the previous holiday passenger flow situation;

8. to the store management to reduce the trouble of visiting the shop, directly through the Internet video voice communication real-time view of the shop situation to guide the shop director and sales. 

Usually the chain store location will have the greatest degree determines the number of daily passenger flow, we will call the congenital traffic; the people visiting the store to buy the product can change the effective traffic; stores by selling shoppers a temporary increase in the variety and quantity of shopping, is transformed into a high traffic factor stores; the service, the price of the products, the quality of products to customers to patronize again, it turned into a fixed traffic. The efficient and fixed passenger flow is the prerequisite for improving the operating performance of the chain stores, and is also the key to the chain store operation. Traffic statistics system efficiently and accurately, for employee performance management chain, promotion evaluation, headquarters management and other aspects to provide effective information support, the stores in the sales problem, which can link rapid response problem, which factors of arrhythmia index, the management of "targeted", reached the highest achievements.