Car Cameras Market Analysis for Different Suppliers

- Oct 12, 2017-

According to the latest report of IHS Markit pointed out that in the high resolution camera and display the popularity, let the car manufacturers to find the traditional mirror design problems, driven by a high-definition car camera and display visual and safety function, realizes the application of more new car (such as improving fuel efficiency), but the most obvious is the rearview mirror and the side mirrors the car will change dramatically in the next ten years.


The rearview mirror display has been successful in practical applications, providing drivers with a broader vision and eliminating blind spots. According to IHS survey, general motors in 2015 has applied this technology to the car. Meanwhile, other carmakers have begun to focus on the market and quickly launch similar programmes.

In addition to improving driver comfort and awareness, a wide range of vision can also be switched between monitors and drivers to switch between traditional mirrors and vehicle cameras. At present, new applications are being accepted by regulators and customers, and IHS expects production to reach 1 million 800 thousand units / year in 2025, while the major areas for the market will be Japan and North america.

Although the market prospects are promising, but the cost is still a major obstacle to the popularization of new applications, the market is no exception. But the new applications have unparalleled new enjoyment, and the performance of differentiation and visual expansion will involve more car manufacturers.

Car camera is recognized as a substitute for traditional mirrors
Improvements in aerodynamics and visibility are the main reasons for the replacement of traditional mirrors, and designers are looking for new heights after exploring the new rear-view mirrors of concept cars. At present, such a concept has been supported by the government and will be widely used in the future.

IHS report also pointed out that the expected side view camera market will be mass production in the next two years, and will continue to grow. In 2025, more than five hundred thousand side view camera display systems will replace traditional products to add new technical content to new cars.

The current side camera is mainly to improve the driver's driving experience and increase security, but the camera sensor in cooperation with artificial intelligence and machine vision software, can realize the automatic tracking and recognition, which is the key driving solution.

New opportunities for suppliers under content differentiation

The new mirror solutions offer new opportunities for carmakers - creating more value for consumers - and opening new markets for suppliers such as cars, camera systems, display modules, and so on. And security vendors in hardware and video processing technology, will undoubtedly benefit them.

IHS pointed out that car manufacturers will be more flexible integrated security features, such as pedestrian light or warning, allowing the driver to fully understand the external factors, so that they can quickly make corresponding response to the status and role of these emerging technologies on people is far greater than the cost of its own, is becoming an important part of the driver.